YUNENG Business Trip to Indonesia in September

Wed Sep 25 16:53:06 CST 2019

The exhibition is the largest power exhibition in ASEAN, and Indonesia is the largest energy producer and consumer in Southeast Asia, and its energy demand is expected to continue its strong growth. At present, domestic infrastructure implementation is relatively weak, and many industrial equipments rely on imports. Therefore, our MD Mr. Liu and the head of our after-sales dept. Mr. Xu led the foreign trade team to participate in the event.


On August 26 this year, Indonesian President Zoco announced that he will implement the plan to move the capital. The move to the capital will bring a series of infrastructure and new construction of electric power, which provides new opportunities and challenges for our machine for power equipment. Many customers of our company in China (such as: Chint, Beijing Ponovo) also participated in the exhibition.


In this exhibition, new and old customers gathered. Through face-to-face communication, we have once again successfully demonstrated the quality and service to our domestic and foreign customers, building a good foundation for future cooperation.


After the exhibition, our company also visited the old customers who have been procuring equipment from our company since 2011, providing them with introductions of new products and on-site technical support for purchased equipment.


In 2021, we will meet again in Jakarta.





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