Lube Oil Purifier

      It is well known that lube oil is easily mixed with water, air, impurities and so on in operation engineering. This will seriously affect the efficiency of the machine, damage the parts of the machine and may shorten the service life of the machine. So the most urgent thing is to filter the waste oil, so as to get the purest and highest quality filtered lube oil. To get high quality lube oil, you need a lube oil purifier to filter waste lube oil.

     The company in Chongqing called Yuneng Oil Purifier Co., Ltd. can produce different kinds of products such as DYJC series online coalescing and vacuum turbine oil purifier, JT series coalescing dehydration oil filtration machine, vacuum lube oil purifier machine and ZJC series lube oil purification machine. These products are famous for their high quality and low price. The customers from all over the world trust the Yuneng's products.

      These products are unique and unique in dehydration and degassing systems. The introduction of the international leading three-dimensional vacuum flash technology and the integration of advanced thin-film evaporation principle and unique spray principle can quickly remove harmful components such as moisture, gas and light hydrocarbons in oil. They have the advantages of short oil processing time and high efficiency.

      These products are equipped with a sophisticated four-stage filtering system, multi-level filtering step by step encryption. They have the characteristics of large amounts of dirt and high filtration precision, which can effectively remove mechanical impurities in oil. The filter element is made of stainless steel filter mesh and polymer composite material imported from Germany. It is corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, mechanically strong and durable.


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