YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine

  • Blending base oil with additives is the final crucial stage in making lubricating oil.
  • The YNZSY-JB series oil blending machine mixes base oil and various additives in specific proportions within a blending tank.
  • The blending process occurs using a blender while pumps recycle the mix of base oil and additives. Through the YNZSY-JB series oil blending plant, the resulting lubricating oil exhibits excellent viscosity, low-temperature characteristics, pour point, high-temperature oxidation resistance, stability, and flashpoint.

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Features of Oil Blending Machine

  1. The base oil blending machine is specialized equipment for mixing petrochemical liquids.
  2. It adjusts the side nozzle’s tilt angle and size based on tank size, liquid viscosity, installation position, pump lift, and other factors.
  3. By spraying liquid from evenly placed nozzles during feeding, it thoroughly mixes incoming materials with those already in the tank. This achieves uniform heat transfer, reducing blending time, saving energy, and minimizing evaporation loss without separate operations.
  4. This plant is compact, easy and safe to operate, highly efficient, and prevents oil oxidation.
  5. It comes in single and multi-nozzle types. The single nozzle has a streamlined cone shape. Multi-nozzle options, available in 6 and 6 nozzle combinations, shorten cycle time, save energy, and reduce evaporation loss.
YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine
YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine

Oil Blending Machine Specification

Name of Parameter
Model No.
Batch Capacit L 500 1000 2000 5000
Working pressure Mpa ≤0.4
Vacuity Mpa -0.08-0.095
Temperature range 20-100
Working noise dB(A) ≤85
Filtering accuracy µm ≤20
Total power KW 46 66 88 145

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

YNZSY-JB series-mixing equipment

Why Choose the Oil Blending Machine?

The oil blending plant solves the problems that the mixer can’t solve, especially suitable for the blending ratio with certain requirements and a large range of proportional variation, large batch size, and blending of medium and high-grade materials. It has high efficiency, convenient management, and no blending dead angle.

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