IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester

  • Tester can be divided into single-cup, three-cup, and multi-cup models.
  • The instrument is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.
  • Fully automatic digital microcomputer control.
  • High measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, safe and reliable.

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Features of IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester

  1. The instrument is controlled by a large-capacity single-chip computer, which is stable and reliable;
  2. A wide-range watchdog circuit is installed in the instrument to prevent crashes;
  3. A variety of operation options, which can adapt to multiple choices of different users;
  4. The instrument oil cup is made of special glass by one-time casting, which prevents the occurrence of interference phenomena such as oil leakage;
  5. The unique high-voltage side sampling design of the instrument allows the test value to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding errors caused in the analog circuit, and making the measurement results more accurate;
  6. The instrument has protection functions such as over current, over voltage, short circuit, etc., and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;
  7. Portable structure, easy to move, very convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester Parameters

Power supplyAC 220V ± 20%,50 Hz ± 5 Hz
Power consumption<200 W
Booster capacity1.5kVA
Booster speed2.0kV/s, 3.0kV/s, optional
Tolerance: 0.2kV/s
Output voltage0 ~ 80kv
Power distortion factor<1%
Display modeLarge screen LCD
Electrode spacingStandard 2.5 mm
Ambient temperature0~40℃
Relative humidity≤85%
Optional Testing Range0 to 80kV; 0 to 100kV

The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations

transformer oil BDV Tester
transformer oil bdv tester

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