YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine

Base oil blending with additives is the last important step in lubricating oil making. This YNZSY-JB series oil blending machine can put base oil and kinds of additives into the blending tank in a certain proportion. It mixes base oil with additives by blender while recycling by pumps. With the help of the YNZSY-JB series oil blending plant, the lubricating oil is good at viscosity, low-temperature nature, pour point, anti-oxidation in higher temperatures, stability, and flashpoint.

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Product Features:

The base oil blending plant is a special equipment for the reconciliation of petrochemical liquids. The base oil blending plant determines the tilt angle of the side nozzle and the size of the side nozzle according to the size of the tank, the viscosity of the liquid, the position of the installation, and the lift of the pump, and the like. The liquid is sprayed from the uniformly distributed nozzles during feeding so that the material entering the tank can be thoroughly mixed with the original materials in the tank without separate operation. Thereby, the purpose of homogenizing heat transfer is achieved, and the advantages of blending time, energy-saving, and evaporation loss can be shortened.
It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient and safe operation, high efficiency, and avoiding oxidation of the oil. The oil blending plant is divided into single nozzle and multi-nozzle. The single nozzle is a streamlined cone. The multi-nozzle is divided into 6 and 6 nozzle combinations, and the multi-nozzle has the advantages of shortening cycle time, saving energy, and reducing evaporation loss.

Why Choose the Oil Blending Machine?

The oil blending plant solves the problems that the mixer can’t solve, especially suitable for the blending ratio with certain requirements and a large range of proportional variation, large batch size, and blending of medium and high-grade materials. It has high efficiency, convenient management, and no blending dead angle.

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Name of ParameterUnit       
Model No.
Batch CapacitL500100020005000
Working pressureMpa≤0.4
Temperature range20℃-100℃
Working noisedB(A)≤85
Filtering accuracyµm≤20
Total powerKW466688145

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

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YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine
YNZSY-JB Series Oil Blending Machine

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