A Guide to Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Hydraulic oil purification equipment is mainly used for the circulation and cleaning of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, and other industrial oils. The hydraulic oil filter is safe and reliable. It has a high degree of automation. The continuous cleaning of the oil will not waste any oil too. This article is to introduce basic knowledge of hydraulic oil filtration machines.

hydraulic oil purifier

Four Unique Advantages of Hydraulic Oil Purifier

1. Using special high-precision filtration technology, it can effectively remove mechanical impurities, moisture, organic acids, etc. The moisture and mechanical impurities in the treated hydraulic oil can meet the requirements of the normal operation of the equipment.

2. The heating system adopts an optimized pipeline design with a low heating load to ensure uniform heating. Using multiple sets of heating, the heating power input is automatically controlled according to the real-time oil temperature. It can make the equipment more energy-saving. At the same time, it avoids overheating and carbonization of the oil.

3. The hydraulic oil filtration machine has complete demulsification ability, an advanced and unique degassing and dehydration system. It uses three-dimensional evaporation technology and multi-level oil-water separation technology so it can rapidly separate water and gas in the oil.

4. The hydraulic oil purifier’s advanced media heat-absorbing condensation system, automatic condensate separation device, automatic constant temperature control, automatic defoaming control ensure the high-performance operation of the equipment. Besides, the operation is simple, safe, and reliable.

Application of Hydraulic Oil Filter Machine

The hydraulic oil purifier adopts high-precision filtration technology. The hydraulic oil purifier has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, high filtration accuracy, and good dehydration effect. It is mainly used for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil treatment, hydraulic oil treatment of die-casting machines, and injection molding machines. It can quickly and efficiently remove moisture, gas, and impurities in the oil. It adopts the international advanced enhanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic principles which integrate demulsification, dehydration, and precision filtration. It can dehydrate and demulsify the oil, and remove impurities such as moisture, particulate matter, colloid, acidic substances, and soaps in the oil. The final purpose is to make the oil reach the standard of oil use.

Hydraulic oil filtration machine

How to Choose a Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

First of all, the selection of an oil purifier should consider the filtering factors. Factors affecting the selection of hydraulic oil purifiers:

  1. Water content in the used hydraulic oil
  2. Impurities content
  3. Processing capacity per hour
  4. Oil viscosity
  5. Final oil index

Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

After each use of this device, when using it again:

1. Check for air leaks and tighten bolts if necessary.

2. Check whether the electrical parts on the instrument panel are loose.

3. Check that the points of each meter head should not be loose.

4. Check that each valve has a good start.

5. The vacuum pump oil level should be on the red line. In another word, make sure it is normal.

ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration machine

Recommend Hydraulic Oil Purifier & Its Manufacturer

As for hydraulic oil purifiers, ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration machine is one of the best choices. The reason is that This machine is low cost in maintenance. Besides, it is easy to operate this oil purifier. It has different configurations so the size and weight of the equipment can change. YUNENG is the best one in choosing a hydraulic oil purifier manufacturer. YUNENG is a manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, and manufacturing: oil purifiers, vacuum oil purifiers, and transformer oil purifiers. Thus, it can provide ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration machine with high quality. Here are five types of units you can choose such as ZJC1.8KY, ZJC3KY, ZJC6KY, ZJC9KY, and ZJC9KY.

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