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An oil purifier is also known as an oil filter. The function of the oil purifier is to filter and purify the contaminated oil. Besides, it can restore or improve the properties of the oil itself, including oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, dielectric strength, color, etc. Meanwhile, it can effectively remove impurities in oil to ensure the equipment works normally.

oil purifier

The classification of oil purifiers

According to the principle and functions of oil purifiers, they can be divided into the following seven types:

1. Transformer Oil Purifier

As for transformer oil purifier, it includes double stage vacuum oil purifier, single stage transformer oil filtration plant, transformer oil regeneration and reclamation machine, online on-load tap changer oil purifier, and oil testing and analysis device.

2. Lubrication Oil Purifier

This type includes the lube oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, and hydraulic oil filtration machine.

3. Waste Black Oil Recycling Machine

The type of this machine can be divided into waste lubrication oil recycling machine and waste tire oil recycling machine.

4. Portable Oil Purifier and Customized Machine

This type includes the mobile precision oil purifier and oiling machine, and oil purifier system.

5. EHC Fire Resistance Oil Filtration Machine

Whats the function of the Oil Purifier?

Now, the Oil Purifier is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, textile, cement, power plant, instrumentation, and other departments.

  • It plays a great role in the purification and regeneration of various industrial lubricating oils that are polluted and deteriorated.
  • It prolongs the maintenance cycle and service life of the equipment and reduces production costs.
  • It can effectively remove pollutants in oil products such as water, water-soluble acids, and so on.
  • It can quickly restore the oil to the required performance and reach the corresponding national new oil standard.
oil purifier

How to Operate the oil purifier?

The step to operate the oil purifier is very easy. There are three steps in the following:

Step 1: Connect the oil inlet and outlet pipes of the oil purifier, and then connect the power cord and click the switch to see the direction of the motor.

Step 2: Open the oil inlet valve and start the oil discharge pump.

Step 3: When shutting down the oil purifier, you should shut down the oil inlet valve. After the remaining oil is drained in the discharge pump, you can turn off the switch of the equipment.

Machine Care and Maintenance:

Every dayCheck whether there is any overheating on the electrical connection part 
Every dayCheck whether there is any ignition phenomenon on the contactor movement out-points
Every monthCheck whether the operation of the electromagnetic valve is reliable. According to the continual noise is abnormal or not when on/off the machine in order to determine whether the iron core and armature have impurities or not. Check whether there is core wear or not. Check all the Seals are aging or not
Once three months or after eachCheck whether all the terminals have a loose phenomenon
Once three monthsCheck whether the connecting bolts have a loose phenomenon

How do choose a reliable manufacturer of the oil Purifier?

If you want to find a reliable supplier of the oil purifier, there is some advice for you.

1. View the Profile of the supplier

According to view the profile of the supplier, you can know what the supplier is good at.

2. View the product of the supplier, you can know the details about the product you want.

3. Compare Prices. Price is one of the main factors to choose a reliable manufacturer of oil purifiers but not only one factor.

Reliable oil purifier manufacturer – YUNENG

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