Three Sets of Transformer Oil Purification Machine Ready For Shipment

This year, YUNENG is very busy for production because of many orders from customer in the last half year. And in order to deliver the transformer oil purification machine to customer on time, YUNENG workers work overtime nearly every day.Finally with YUNENG hard work, one urgent order-the three sets of transformer oil filtration machine is finished production.

To produce a transformer oil filtration machine, it is not like a small thing. And we are responsible to deliver a high running performance machine to our dearest customer, it will takes time for production and hand over the best solution to customers.

Usually for the standard type transformer oil filtration machine, the production time will be about 30 working days. But for oversea customers, since the power supply for the machien is different with China, so the electrical parts of the machine will need to be customized. As a result, the production time will be also longer.

If you have order plan for the transformer oil purification machine or other oil purifiers, we suggest you to order the machine at least two months ahead of your project time, then the time will not be too tight.

Anyway, YUNENG always aims offering you the best oil treatment solution. If any doubt, just contact us.

Transformer Oil Purification Machine