Transformer Oil Purifier – Key Factors to Improve Effect

Transformer oil purification is a filter device for cleaning mechanical impurities and water in transformer oil. Transformer oil purifiers can be divided into many types according to their structure and function. However, whether it is a transformer oil vacuum oil filter, transformer oil regeneration machine, or online vacuum transformer oil filtration machine, it needs to be maintained. Only with good maintenance can it exert its huge energy-saving and consumption-reducing functions as well as filter and clean oil.

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Keep in Mind the Precautions for Use

The use of transformer oil purification is very common in the industry. In order to avoid improper operations affecting production efficiency, we should keep in mind some tips. The surrounding environment must be observed when operating the oil filter, and special attention should be paid to operation in winter.

  • When used on site, the oil filter should be as close as possible to the transformer or oil tank, and the oil suction pipeline should not be too long to minimize pipeline resistance.
  • The connecting pipe of the oil filter (including the oil tank) must be cleaned thoroughly in advance and have good sealing performance.
  • Strictly operate in accordance with the operating procedures of the oil filter. When starting the oil filter, the oil can only be recovered after the vacuum pump, oil pump, and heater are in normal operation and the internal circulation is ensured.
  • The purified oil contains a large amount of organic phase impurities and free water. The water and impurities at the bottom must be removed in advance, and then fully filtered through other filtering equipment to meet the crude oil standard of the vacuum oil filter, and then filtered through the vacuum oil filter, thus affecting the service life of the oil filter.
  • During operation, the working conditions of the oil filter (such as vacuum degree, flow rate, temperature, etc.) should be strictly monitored. ), and the quality of the oil before and after treatment (breakdown voltage, etc.).It should be tested regularly to monitor the purification effect of the oil filter.
  • When working in winter, insulation measures should be taken for pipes, vacuum tanks, and other components. When filtering oil in substations, you must also abide by the relevant regulations in the “Electrical Safety Work Regulations for Oil Filters” promulgated by the power industry.
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Maintenance of Transformer Oil Purification machine

The maintenance of the transformer oil purification machine is very important because it is directly related to the operation stability, reliability, and safety of the entire transformer system. Here are some considerations.

1. Before Use: Check

  • Check the appearance of the equipment, mechanical and electrical components for damage
  • Push the machine to the place where the oil is to be filtered before work, and check whether the relevant parts are connected properly

2. After Use: Clean and Maintenance

  • Turn off the switch after use, and unplug the power supply plug. Then unplug the socket connected to the plug of the oil filter unit. (Pay special attention to the order to prevent electric shock)
  • The equipment must be cleaned in time after work, and the daily maintenance work must be done well. After use, put away the accessories, and put away the power cord.

3. Product Maintenance



Every day

Check whether there is any overheating on the electrical connection part

Every day

Check whether there is any ignition phenomenon on the contactor movement out-points

Every month

Check whether the operation of the electromagnetic valve is reliable. According to the continual noise is abnormal or not when on/off the machine in order to determine whether the iron core and armature have impurities or not. Check whether there is core wear or not. Check if all the Seals are aging or not

Once every three months / After the transport

Check whether all the terminals have loose phenomenon

Once every three months

Check whether the connecting bolts have loose phenomenon

Transformer oil purification machine is a large capital investment for users. Product maintenance plays an important role in its service life. Therefore, in order to make the best use of it, users should take product maintenance as a key task.

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Transformer oil purifiers are vital in maintaining the reliability, performance, and longevity of transformers. They help preserve insulation, prevent equipment failure, enhance heat transfer, remove moisture and gases, save costs, and promote environmental sustainability. To improve the effect, regular maintenance of transformer oil purification is an essential practice for improving the use effect and ensuring the safety of use.

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