Waste Oil Recycling Machine

      The Yuneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a corporation that mainly manufactures transformer oil purifier, lubricating oil purifier machine and SF6 gas recycling equipment. It also manufactures used oil recycling machine. Its products are sold well around the world and are of high quality and low price and widely loved by consumers. The function of the used oil recovery machine is to filter and purify the contaminated oil to restore or improve the properties of the oil itself. Including oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, insulation strength, color, etc. In addition, it can effectively remove the impurities in the oil to ensure the safe operation of the oil equipment.

      Waste engine oil can be recycled for reuse as lubricants. Waste engine oil becomes contaminated over time and through heavy use. Contaminants such as dirt, chemicals and water can get in and degrade the oil. Waste oil recycling systems help industry recondition oil for reuse in factories and machines. This saves industrial customers from having to buy new oil. Some industries use cascading lubrication, where spent high quality motor oils are used reconditioned and used in applications that require lower quality oils. This can go through several steps before oil loses its usability. Car oil can be collected and recycled to produce reconditioned oil. That oil is cheaper than new synthetic oil and can provide similar protection for engines.

      Waste oil, should not be thrown away, oil doesn't wear out, it just gets dirty, can be cleaned, re-refined and it can be recycled again and again, can be recovered and re-used, without posing a threat to humans or the environment. Waste engine oil recycling plant can recycle waste engine oil to yellow base oil then use back to machine and engine again.


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