YUNENG Transformer Dry Air Generator Maintenance Tips

YUNENG GF Series Transformer Dry Air Generator is needed during assembling and oil filling of power transformer.Its dew point could be -50 to -70℃. 

The dry air generating machine is easy for operation since it is full auto.

And for maintenance, it is also simple.

Please check below the care and maintenance of transformer dry air generator for your reference.

everydayCheck whether there is any overheating on electrical connection part
everydayCheck whether there is any ignition or thorn phenomenon on the contactor movement out-points
weeklyCheck PLC, and also check the cooling system of PLC is running good or not
weeklyCheck whether all the terminals have loosen phenomenon
monthlyCheck whether there is dirt on the display
monthlyCheck whether the operation of reversing valve is reliable. According to the noise is abnormal or not when reversing valve in order to determine whether the iron core and armature have impurities or not. Check whether there is core wear or not. Check all the Seals are aging or not
every three monthsCheck whether the connecting bolts have loosen phenomenon
Transformer Dry Air Generator
Transformer Dry Air Generator