4 Things You Must Know About Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Why Do We Do Hydraulic Oil Purifying?

What are the precautions for the use of hydraulic oil?

1. Strengthen the effective filtration of oil products, and use serial and precision filtration if necessary.

2. Control the operating temperature of the oil, and try to make the oil run at a suitable working temperature.

3. Try to avoid water entering the oil and prevent the oil from emulsification.

4. Strengthen on-site management to avoid foreign pollution of oil products

5. Regularly sample and test the oil in use, find problems as early as possible, and take effective measures.

From the use of hydraulic oil, we can pay attention to minimizing the generation and pollution of impurities in hydraulic oil. But no matter how carefully the equipment is installed and operated, the hydraulic fluid can still be contaminated. When the performance of the hydraulic fluid is degraded, it increases the risk of equipment failure. Repairs after equipment failures are much more expensive and time-consuming than proper maintenance of hydraulic fluids.

The purpose of hydraulic oil purifying is to remove moisture and other contaminants from hydraulic oil that has been used or will be used in equipment. In order to maximize the use of equipment, obtain maximum work efficiency and save money. Therefore, we have to carry out hydraulic oil purifying regularly.

What Is A Hydraulic Oil Purifier?

Hydraulic Oil Purifier

A hydraulic oil purifier is a device used to filter out moisture and other impurities in hydraulic systems. Filtration by the hydraulic oil filtration machine can keep the oil clean and ensure the normal operation of the oil system.

The main function of the hydraulic oil purifier machine is to filter the inevitable impurities in the hydraulic system.

What are the sources of impurities in the hydraulic system?

The main sources are:

1. Mechanical impurities still remain in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as welding slag, iron filings, rust, casting sand, paint, paint skin, etc.

2. Impurities entering the hydraulic system from the outside, such as dust entering through the oil filler port and dust ring.

3. Impurities generated in the working process, such as fragments formed by hydraulic action of seals, metal powder, etc.

4. The colloid, asphaltene, carbon residue, etc. produced by the oil due to oxidative deterioration.

After the above impurities are mixed into the hydraulic oil, with the circulation of the hydraulic oil, it will play a destructive role everywhere, seriously affecting the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

What are the destructive effects of impurities in the hydraulic system?

These disruptive effects include:

1. Stuck or block small gaps between relatively moving parts in hydraulic components, as well as throttling holes and gaps.

2. Destroy the oil film between the relatively moving parts, scratch the surface of the gap, increase the internal leakage, reduce the efficiency, increase the heat generation, aggravate the chemical action of the oil, and make the oil deteriorate.

According to production statistics, more than 75% of the failures in the hydraulic system are caused by impurities mixed in the hydraulic oil. Therefore, it is very important for the hydraulic system to maintain the cleanliness of the oil and prevent pollution of the oil.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine Manufacturer-YUNENG

As a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China, YUNENG has rich experience and excellent practitioners in this field and is deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers. The ZJC Series Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine manufactured by YUNENG can solve the problems related to hydraulic oil purifying for you. And we can provide the most cost-effective products and the most competitive hydraulic oil filtration machine price.

Hydraulic oil filtration machine is mainly suitable for hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, turbine oil, and other industrial oils with a kinematic viscosity of less than 320m㎡/s through a special design of vacuum separation system and impurity filtration system. Water ingress, emulsification, particle pollution, etc. caused by production and transportation.

Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine Specification

Technical parameterFlow rate L/Min3050100150200
 Working Vacuity Mpa-0.07~-0.09    
 Working pressure Mpa≤0.5    
 Temperature Range 40-60    
 Power Supply  50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire    
 Total Power KW13.5336597127
 Inlet/Outlet Diameter mm25/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
 Weight Kg33056095013001700
Oil treatment indexWater Content ppm≤50    
 Filtration accuracy µm3    
 Impurities  None ( Visual appearance)    

If you want to know more about the use of the machine or want to customize products, please contact YUNENG.

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