An Article to Learn Lubrication Oil Purifier Quickly

This article introduces the definition of lubrication oil purifier, the system of lubrication oil purifier, four applications, how to choose a lubrication oil purifier, and how to maintain the lubrication oil purifier.

What is a lubrication oil purifier?

The lubrication oil purifier adopts a lube oil purifier system. It is a new multi-function system. It is suitable for the treatment of turbine oil, hydraulic oil, anti-wear oil, bearing oil, or high viscosity lubricating oil. Besides, it is suitable for high water content or turbidity purification equipment.

lube oil purifier

How does a lubrication oil purifier work?

As for lubrication oil purifiers, vacuum lubrication oil purifiers are the most commonly used. The lubrication oil purifier is specially developed for all kinds of lubricating oils. It is suitable for multi-functional oil purifiers with complex oil products. It is widely used in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, anti-wear fluid, compressor oil, Heavy-duty gear oil and refrigeration oil, and so on. The equipment can quickly degas, dehydrate and remove impurities and volatile substances such as ethanol, gasoline, and ammonia. It can improve oil’s quality, restore lubricating oil viscosity, and flash points and improve oil performance. Extending the service life of the oil and ensuring the operation of the lubrication system play an important role.

Two functions of lubrication oil purifier

1. For the oil station and oil tank of the lubricating oil system: Through dehydration, degassing, and removing impurities, the cleanliness of the lubricating oil system is effectively improved.

2. While the vacuum lubrication oil purifier can effectively filter out 99% of free water and 99.9% of dissolved water in the oil, it can also filter out 99% of free gas and 98% of dissolved gas.

How to choose a reliable lube oil purifier?

Lube oil purifier has always been called indispensable oil filter equipment so it is important to choose a reliable lube oil purifier. Here are some tips in the following:

1. Choose the appropriate lubrication oil filter, according to your actual needs

Different types of lube oil purifiers give full play to different functions, and you can choose a suitable lubrication oil filter according to your own needs. For example, considering the small size of the site, it is necessary to consider the size of the oil filter, which can be a smaller lubrication oil filter.

2. Whether the structure of the oil filter is reasonable or not, the unreasonable structure will easily cause equipment wear and tear, which will increase the follow-up investment cost.

3. Whether the maintenance measures are simple. If the maintenance measures are more complicated, various unexpected problems will occur. Irreparable failures may result in the device not running smoothly for a long time, which is not conducive to use.

4. Price is also a factor to be considered when choosing a suitable lubricating oil filter.

According to the above four factors, the JT series lube oil purifier is one of the best choices.

JT series lube oil purifier

How to maintain the lubrication oil purifier?

1. When the running vacuum needs to be interrupted, the heating power supply should be disconnected for 5 minutes before stopping the operation of the oil pump in and out. This operation is to prevent the partial oil in the oil circuit from being heated and decomposed to generate hydrocarbon gas.

2. After the lubrication oil purifier finishes the work in the outdoor low-temperature environment, the vacuum pump must be drained to the water stored in the cooling water tank to prevent the equipment from being damaged by low-temperature freezing.

3. When the oil filter is not in use, the dirty oil in the vacuum pump should be drained and new oil should be injected.

4. Check the cold blaster and heater of the air purifier regularly. The dirt port in the radiator pipe of the cooler and humidifier can be purged with compressed air to prevent a decrease in heat exchange capacity.

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