JT Series Lube Oil Purifier

JT Series Lube Oil Purifier is a kind of machine to filter waste lube oil and other kinds of waste oil. This machine has high efficiency and good effect in filtering waste lubricating oil. This JT series coalescing dehydration lube oil purifier machine dehydrates by 2 kinds of filter elements. Coalescing filter will make the free and dissolved water from small molecules to big drop, then separation filter removes the drop by gravity, falling into the water tank.

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What is lube oil purifier?

JT Series Lube Oil Cleaning Machine combines the functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration. It uses advanced “coalescence separation” technology for dehydration, high dehydration efficiency, and strong ability, especially for the separation of a large amount of water in lube oil.

Functions of lubrication oil purifier?

  1. The JT Series Lube Oil Purification Machine has the advantages that the vacuum method and centrifugation method can’t match, can break all the oil-water emulsified structures in the medium. Through the particle filtration system, the cleanliness of the medium can be controlled stably in the system requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the oil.
  2. Equipped with excellent system configuration and continuous performance, the JT series coalescing dehydration lube oil purifier machine is suitable for online operation. Particle filtration adopts high-efficiency filtration material as the filtration medium, large filtration area is designed to effectively filter very fine particle impurities and achieve high cleanliness of oil.

Features of Lube Oil Purifier System:

  1. The pipelines and tank of the purifier can be stainless steel or carbon steel.
  2. Oil/water interface detector is used to monitor water level and discharge water automatically.
  3. The electric system is controlled by PLC (with touch screen), the working conditions of all the parts are displayed clearly, monitoring, alarming, action control and safety stop enable the oil filtration machine to run online.
  4. Germany brand oil pump has good sealing quality, low noise, and long service life.
  5. Multilayer filtration can remove the impurities through coarse filter, protecting filter, and fine filer. The granularity test is good to achieve NAS6.
  6. YUNENG also provides turbine oil purifiers, hydraulic oil purifiers, and other oil filters.


ItemParameter Unit ModelJT-50JT-100JT-150JT-200
  Technical Parameter  Flow RateL/MIN50100150200
Working PressureMpa  ≤0.35
Temperature Range  ℃45-65
Power Supply    (380V~50Hz) 3Phase 4Wires, or as per buyer’s option  
Total electric powerKW1.53
  Pipe diameter of oil Inlet/Outlet   DN25/2540/4050/5050/50
Oil Treatment IndexWater Contentppm≤150
Filtering Accuracyµm3

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

How do lubrication oil purifiers work?

As the liquid flows through the pores, the lower the surface tension, the faster the rate of passage. When different mixed liquids flow into the separator, they first enter the coalescing filter element. The coalescing filter element has multiple layers of filter media, and the pore size increases layer by layer.

Due to the difference in surface tension between oil and water, oil passes through the filter layer quickly, while water is relatively slower. Since the coalescing filter element is made of hydrophilic material, tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer, resulting in the coalescence of the water droplets. Under the action of kinetic energy, small droplets pass through the openings, gradually converge into large droplets, and settle under the action of gravity to separate from the oil. Under the action of inertia, it moves forward to the separation filter element. When the oil passes through the separation filter element, the water droplets are blocked outside the separation filter element, and the oil passes through the separation filter element and is discharged from the outlet.

There are two filters with different functions installed inside the coalescing separation: coalescing filter and separation filter. When the oil flows through the coalescing separator, it undergoes four process stages of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation and separation inside, to achieve the function of filtering out particulate pollutants and removing water.

What is a coalescing filter element?

The coalescing filter element is made of special glass fiber and other synthetic materials, specially formulated for oil dehydration, and has good hydrophilicity.

What is the function of the coalescing filter?

The function of the coalescing filter is to filter particulate pollutants and agglomerate moisture. The innermost high-precision filter material first filters out the particulate pollutants in the oil, and then the outer demulsification coalescing layer coalesces the tiny water droplets in the oil into water droplets.

What is a separation filter?

The separation filter element is made of specially treated stainless steel mesh, and the separation filter element is hydrophobic.

What is the function of the separation filter?

Larger water droplets will settle to the sump by their own gravity, while smaller water droplets will be carried by the oil and flow to the separation filter before they settle down. When the oil flows through the separation filter element from the outside to the inside, the small water droplets are effectively intercepted outside the filter element, and only the oil is allowed to pass through, and the water is not allowed to pass through, thereby further separating the water.

What is the principle of lubrication oil purifier?

Particle Filtration System→Coalescence System→Separation System→Drainage System

Why choose YUNENG’s lubricating oil purifier

  1. The Lubrication Oil Purifier produced by YUNENG is made of hydrophilic material to make coalescing filter element, and hydrophobic material to make dehydration filter element, which is optimized and designed according to a certain proportion. According to the different physical effects of the water mixed into the oil, the free water and emulsified water in the oil are coalesced into larger diameter water droplets after passing through the coalescing filter element. Then these larger diameter water droplets are separated by the dehydration filter element, and settled in the water storage tank under the action of gravity to be automatically discharged, thus completing the oil-water separation.
  2. The Lubrication Oil Purifier produced by YUNENG has the functions of high-efficiency dehydration, precision filtration, and automatic demulsification. It filters and removes moisture and impurities from the oil to a limited extent.

What is the main purpose of lubrication oil purifier?

This machine is used to purify or filter light oil and turbine oil with kinematic viscosity less than 46m㎡/s.

If you have additional knowledge or products you would like to know about, or if you would like to customize a special product for your application, please contact YUNENG.

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Lube Oil Purification Machine
Lube Oil Purification Machine