Dry Air Generator For Power Systems

Dry air generators are unique in power systems, and they play a crucial role in power systems, particularly for large transformers and reactors. These systems provide a continuous supply of dry air, crucial for maintaining optimal insulation and preventing moisture-related damage during maintenance and operation.

When the transformer is shipped out from the factory, the heavier insulating oil is extracted and replaced with light dry air, which reduces the transportation cost of the large transformer.

Due to the long maintenance and accident repair time of a large transformer, sometimes it is more than half a month. If there is no absolute dry air filled into the transformer continuously, the transformer body will be seriously wet and rusted, accordingly the transformer insulation performance will be destroyed.

Dry air generators ensure uninterrupted dryness inside the transformer during maintenance, safeguarding its insulation and extending its service life.

They provide a safe working environment for personnel by maintaining adequate oxygen levels within the transformer enclosure, eliminating the risk of suffocation associated with traditional oil-based methods.

These generators offer distinct advantages over traditional oil-based thermal circulation drying methods. They facilitate rapid moisture reduction, enhance overall oil insulation performance, and minimize reliance on external climatic conditions.

Our GF series dry air generator is mainly composed of an air compressor, gas storage tank, cold dryer, suction dryer, three-stage precision dry air filter, pressure reducing valve, flow meter, and electric control system.

Its features are as below:

  • Air compressor: Featuring the latest patented injection screw rotor technology from ATLAS COPCO, the compressor delivers efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance operation. It boasts self-diagnostic capabilities, fault alarms, automatic restart after power outages, and minimal supervision requirements.
  • Gas storage tank: This tank facilitates continuous dry air supply during peak demand periods.
  • Cold dryer: Utilizing a refrigeration system, the cold dryer removes moisture from the compressed air stream via condensation.
  • Suction dryer: Employing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, the suction dryer further purifies the air by selectively adsorbing the remaining moisture onto desiccant material under pressure.
  • Three-stage precision dry air filter: This multi-stage filtration system removes any residual particles and ensures exceptional air purity.
  • Pressure reducing valve: Precisely regulates the downstream air pressure to meet specific application requirements.
  • Flow meter: Continuously monitors and displays the air flow rate for optimal system control.
  • Electric control system: Provides comprehensive automated management and monitoring of the generator’s operation, including fault detection and alarms.

The air compressor takes the latest patent Injection screw rotor from ATLASCOPCO and is driven by an efficient and maintenance-free device. It features barely supervised, long-term stable, and reliable work, self-diagnostic fault, and alarm. The machine has an automatic restart function after power-off.

No heat regenerative dryer uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption to make the desiccant agent absorb under the pressure of the pipe network, and then switch to desorption under the atmospheric pressure and lead back about 14% of the dry gas from the outlet of the drier for further purification regeneration. The two towers are working as above alternatively to provide the user with dry compressed air

Means of control:

It adopts an advanced and reliable microcomputer program controller featuring automatic timing and auto-switching work. The machine is working stably and reliably and won’t be affected by the power grid, voltage, or electric field effects.

This machine has a power supply voltage, air outlet pressure, air outlet dew point, air outlet temperature, adsorption tower pressure, and a series of parameters of real-time display instruments for the operation of equipment at any time that can be observed, recorded, and greatly facilitate the management.

In conclusion, dry air generators are essential equipment for maintaining the performance and longevity of large transformers and reactors in power systems. The GF series generators, with their advanced technology, efficient operation, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for ensuring optimal system performance and personnel safety.

Pick the models you want as below:

Dry Air Generator
Dry Air Generator
Dry Air Generator
ItemName of ParameterModelUnit GF-50(50m³/h)GF-100(100m³/h)GF-150(150m³/h)GF-200(200m³/h)GF-360(360m³/h)GF-480(480m³/h)
Technical parameter of the equipmentFlowm³/h50100150200360480
Working pressureMpa0.6~0.8
Pressure dropMpa0.05
Working Power (380V-50Hz) 3 Phase 4 Wires, as per buyer’s option
Total electric powerKW171722254858
Outlet pipeDN40/5040/5040/5040/5040/5040/50
Air treatment indexAir outlet pressureMpa0.02~0.04
Dew Point°C-50 ~ -70
Impurity contentμm0.01
Oil content in air outletppm0.01

*The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.*