How to Solve the Problem of Excessive Moisture and Foam in Turbine Oil?

Why is There a Lot of Water in Turbine Oil?

1.Main reasons: during the installation and operation of the steam turbine unit, water enters the turbine oil system due to various reasons such as the loose shaft seal of the unit, the low vacuum of the bearing box and oil tank, and the failure to meet the cleanliness requirements.

2. The emulsification of turbine oil is related to the performance of additives in the oil.

In the molecular structure of antioxidants and antirust agents added to turbine oil, there are lipophilic non-polar groups at one end and hydrophilic polar groups with certain surface activity at the other end. Although they are all soluble in oil but not in the water, the polar groups have a certain affinity for water at a certain speed. When the steam turbine rotates at high speed, and the oil and water are fully stirred to form an emulsion, these hydrophilic polar groups have a chance to fully associate with water. When the affinity is high, it will be firmly combined with water. And because the lipophilic non-polar group can dissolve in oil, water and oil are combined through the action of this substance.

What is the Reason for the Excessive Foaming of Steam Turbine Oil?

1. The oil deteriorates during operation, and the deteriorated product contains ingredients that are prone to foaming.

2. Turbine oil will consume the original anti-foam components in the oil during operation and deterioration.

3. Detergent is used in the process of cleaning the system, so that the foaming components in the detergent remain in the oil, causing the foam to exceed the standard.

4. The lubricating oil tank is under negative pressure, which may cause dust and other substances in the air to enter the oil and cause pollution.

With the operation of the steam turbine unit, the turbine oil will gradually age and be polluted, including but not limited to being polluted by mechanical impurities and moisture. We can take effective methods to purify the turbine oil and restore it to its original performance.

The turbine oil dehydration and purification device produced by YUNENG can purify the contaminated turbine oil, restore its physical and chemical properties, and maintain the safe operation of the turbine unit.

What is the Function of YUNENG Turbine Oil Purification Device?

Turbine oil purification device

1. About turbine oil purifier manufactured by YUNENG, you can choose to use the vacuum system alone for deep dehydration, or you can only use the coalescence dehydration system for online filtration, and you can also enable vacuum separation and coalescence dehydration separation at the same time.

2. The principle of coalescing, separation and dehydration is used to remove oil and water, which can be used for the treatment of online running water in steam turbine oil. The coalescence dehydration system is based on the principle of “coalescence, separation, dehydration and particle removal”, the hydrophilicity of the coalescing filter element and the hydrophobic effect of the separation filter element remove the water in the oil, and the two-stage high-precision filter element removes the particulate impurities in the oil.

The filtration process is: first, the small molecular water droplets in the oil are quickly combined into macromolecular water droplets through the coalescing filter element, and then the water molecules and oil molecules are separated through the separation filter element, which can not only remove free water, but also deeply remove Dissolved water in oil.

3. It has the function of replenishing oil. Qualified steam turbine lubricating oil can be added to the oil system through the turbine oil dehydration and purification device, and the normal operation of the system will not be disturbed during the oil replenishment process.

4. The oil purification device can effectively purify oil with high water content and serious emulsification.

5. It has the functions of pollution and oil leakage alarm and automatic shutdown to ensure the safety of the lubrication security system.

Turbine oil purifier

YUNENG is a professional manufacturer of oil purification equipment, including transformer oil purifiers, lubricating oil purifiers, hydraulic oil purifiers, turbine oil purifiers, and so on. If you need it, please contact us.

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