The Ultimate Guide to Lube Oil Purifiers

As a contaminant in lubricating oils, water can cause many problems. For example, water can cause the viscosity of lubricating oil to change and lose its lubricating effect, the vaporization of water can easily lead to cavitation of the pump, and water can produce sediment with many additives. The most commonly used dehydration methods are the gravity sedimentation method, centrifugal method, vacuum dehydration method, adsorption method, and coalescence method, etc. This article mainly introduces the coalescence dehydration technology lube oil purifier.

JT series lubricating oil coalescence dehydration oil purifier adopts “coalescence separation” dehydration technology to solve the problem of excessive water content in various oils.

lube oil purifier

What is coalescing separation dehydration technology?

Coalescence separation dehydration technology refers to the technology of oil-water separation by using coalescence filter element and separation filter element and different physical effects of water mixed in oil.

What is the working procedure of the lube oil purifier?

After filtering out the particles in the oil from the primary filter, the oil enters the coalescing separator. Through the four processes of filtration, coalescence, sedimentation, and separation, the function of dehydration is finally realized.

lube oil purifier

About Particle Filtration Systems

Using high-quality and high-efficiency materials as filter media can effectively filter extremely fine particles of impurities so that the oil can achieve high cleanliness.

About Coalescing Systems

The coalescing system consists of a set of coalescing filters. The coalescing filter element adopts a special polar molecular structure. After passing through the filter element, the free water and emulsified water in the oil are coalesced into larger water droplets, and then settle into the water storage tank under the action of gravity.

About the separation system

The separation filter element of the separation system is made of special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes through the filter element, the water droplets are blocked on the outer surface of the filter element until it settles into the water storage tank under the action of gravity.

About the drainage system

The separated water is stored in a water storage tank. When the interface height reaches the set value, open the valve to discharge the water.

How does a lube oil purifier work?

lube oil purifier

Water in the hydraulic lubrication system can cause oil oxidation, reduce the thickness of the oil film, and cause oil denaturation. Change the viscosity of the oil and reduce the lubricity. Forms organic acids that corrode metal surfaces and reduce or lose the dielectric strength of the oil.

The coalescing dehydration lube oil purifier integrates the functions of precision filtration, automatic demulsification, and high-efficiency dehydration, and can filter and purify various lubricating oils.

Different liquids have different surface tensions. When the liquid flows through a small hole, the greater the surface tension, the slower the passing speed, and the smaller the surface tension, the faster the passing speed. After the liquid flows into the separator, it first enters the coalescing filter element. The coalescing filter element is made of hydrophilic material, specially formulated for oil dehydration, with good hydrophilicity and multi-layer filter media. The innermost high-precision filter material first filters out the particulate pollutants in the oil, and the outer demulsification coalescing layer plays the role of coalescing water droplets. Due to the difference in surface tension, the oil passes through the filter layer quickly, while the water is much slower. Tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the hydrophilic filter layer and continue to coalesce. The oil after passing through the coalescing filter element is forwarded to the separation filter element. The separation filter element is made of special hydrophobic material. When the small water droplets move forward to the separation filter element under the action of inertia, the oil passes through the separation filter element, and the water droplets are blocked outside the separation filter element. The water droplets separated by the two steps of coalescence and separation will settle in the water tank by their own gravity and then be discharged.

The JT lube oil purifier developed by YUNENG is made of coalescence dehydration technology. This lube oil purifier can be customized according to your specific needs. If you want to know more, please contact us, the professional service staff will answer your questions in the fastest time.

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