9000LPH Vacuum Oil Purifier

  • The 9000LPH vacuum oil purifier is developed for transformer oil dehydration, degasification, and filtration processing.
  • It adopts double stages high vacuum pumping systems and a fully enclosed structure with a weatherproof canopy.
  • The filtration process of the all-weather 9000LPH vacuum oil purifier keeps the transformer oil completely clean and increases the dielectric strength of the insulating oil.

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Why do You Need 9000LPH Vacuum Oil Purifier?

  • During transportation, storage and use, transformer oil is often mixed with moisture and mechanical impurities.
  • Water falling on metal surfaces can cause corrosion. It has a certain negative impact on the performance and service life of mechanical equipment.
  • Water mixed into the transformer oil will affect the performance of the transformer oil and reduce the viscosity of the oil.
  • The mechanical impurities mixed in can wear down the working surface of the machine and leave scars on the working surface.

Transformer oil maintenance is the key to transformer reliability, performance, and longevity. 9000LPH vacuum oil purifier is designed to remove contaminants (particulate, water, gasses, etc.).

Aged oil: Your transformer’s insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases, and particles that accumulate as the oil ages.

New oil: Even some new oils may require treatment to limit these contents to acceptable levels.

What are the Features of the 9000LPH Vacuum Oil Purifier?

A vacuum oil purifier is a device that improves electrical insulation.

  • Mobile equipment can be replaced at the workplace as needed and equipped with swivel casters to help keep the equipment in a narrow or uneven workplace.
  • Fixed structures are used for sites that cannot be moved for long periods of time. The vacuum filter consists of a filter, a vacuum separator, an oil pump and a pipe.

YUNENG is a designing, engineering, and manufacturing company capable of application customization for the best solutions. And we could produce different types of vacuum oil purifiers, we believe that our products could satisfy your needs all the time.

Application of 9000LPH Vacuum Oil Purifier:

  1. The machine is applied to power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, and other industrial and mining enterprises to clean and disqualify electrical insulating oil.
  2. It can also vacuum inject insulated power equipment and vacuum dry electrical equipment.
  3. Besides, this machine can be used together with the transformer oil regeneration machine decoloring device to increase the functions of acid removal, decolorization, decarburization, and dielectric loss.

How does the 9000LPH Vacuum Oil Purifier work?

When the vacuum oil purifier is working, the transformer oil that needs to be filtered first enters the pre-filter under the action of the internal and external pressure difference.

  • Larger particles are filtered by a purifier and the oil is heated by multiple infrared rays before entering a special vacuum separator.
  • Transformer oil is first evaporated into an oil mist in the vacuum separator, and then an oil film is formed. The contact area between the transformer oil and the transformer oil filter expands hundreds of times under vacuum conditions, and the water in the oil evaporates rapidly under the conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface area and high pumping speed.
  • The steam discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator through the vacuum system is first cooled and dehumidified by the condenser, and then cooled again in the cooler. The condensed water is discharged into the water storage device, and after two condensation and dehumidification, it is finally discharged into the air by the vacuum pump.
  • The dry oil after vacuum vaporization and dehydration is raised from negative pressure to positive pressure by the oil pump. After the secondary filtration, the net oil is discharged from the oil outlet, and the whole process of net oil is completed.


Technical ParameterFlow RateL/H18003000600090001200018000
Working VacuityPa≤80
Working PressureMpa≤0.35
Temperature RangeoC45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total PowerKW163670100150200
Inlet/Outlet DiameterDN20/2025/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
Oil Treatment IndexBreakdown VoltageKV≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Contentppm≤5
Gas Content%≤0.3
Filtering Accuracyµm1

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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9000LPH Transformer Oil Purification System