1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine

  • 1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine is a high-quality machine.
  • It is made by YUNENG, one of the best transformer oil filtration machine manufacturers in Chongqing.
  • It can quickly remove water and impurities from waste transformer oil.
  • This boosts the performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cables, and capacitors with an insulation system.

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Introduce of 1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine

Features of 1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine

  1. Used in the electric power system (66kV~500KV).
  2. Features include high working vacuum, fast oil filtering, and sound oil protection.
  3. Suitable for oil treatment, vacuum oil injection, and cyclic hot oil drying in the installation and maintenance of large-capacity transformers. 

1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine Specification

Item Parameter Type Unit ZJA1.8KY ZJA3KY ZJA6KY ZJA9KY ZJA12KY ZJA18KY
Technical Parameter Flow Rate L/H 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Working Vacuity Pa ≤80
Working Pressure Mpa ≤0.35
Temperature Range oC 45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total Power KW 16 36 70 100 150 200
Inlet/Outlet Diameter DN 20/20 25/25 32/32 40/40 50/50 65/65
Size Length Cm 160 180 220 250 280 345
Width Cm 125 145 160 195 215 260
Height Cm 200 220 245 270 300 300
Weight Kg 650 900 1200 1600 2200 3000

The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

1800LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine Working Principles

  1. When the transformer oil filtration plant is working, the waste transformer oil under the action of pressure difference inside and outside enters into the prefilter. The larger particles are filtered by the purifier and the oil is heated by multiple infrared rays before entering the special personalized vacuum separator. Waste transformer oil first evaporates into an oil mist in the vacuum separator and then forms a film. The contact area between the waste transformer oil and the transformer oil filter expands hundreds of times under the vacuum condition, and the water in the oil evaporates rapidly under the conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface, and high pumping speed and is discharged by the vacuum system.
  2. The steam discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator is firstly cooled and dehumidified by the condenser and then cooled again in the cooler. The condensed water is discharged into the water storage device, and the air is finally discharged into the air by the vacuum pump after two condensations and dehumidification.
  3. The dry oil in the vacuum separator after vacuum vaporization and dehydration is raised from negative pressure to positive pressure through the oil pump. After secondary filtration, the clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet to complete the whole process of clean oil.

Oil Data After Filtration

Item Type Unit Oil Treatment Index
Breakdown Voltage KV ≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Content ppm ≤5
Gas Content % ≤0.3
Filtering Accuracy µm 1

Flow Chart of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

ZJA series flow diagram


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