YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  • YZS series transformer oil regeneration machine uses a single-stage vacuum filtration system.
  • The system is designed for the purification of external transformer oil.
  • The machine is fully enclosed and weatherproof.
  • It features unique advanced vacuum dewatering, degassing components, and high precision filters.
  • After purification, the dielectric strength of the oil is greatly improved.
  • At the same time, the machine can be used with other electrical insulating oils such as cables, circuit breakers, capacitors, etc.

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Features of YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  1. It doesn’t need an Acid and alkali process, simple processing, and reduces the cost of oil filtration.
  2. The full process is physical purification. The oil can be recovered and the additives in the oil won’t be damaged.
  3. The operation is under full-closed, safety, and environmental protection.
  4. Extend the lifetime of antioxidants and additives by removing the oxidizing material in the oil.
  5. Good result on the decolorization. It can restore the unqualified transformer oil to clean qualified oil.
  6. The absorption agents can be reused after activating and regenerating by the regeneration system so as to extend the filter life cycle.

YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine Specification

Item Parameters Models BYJ -6000
Technical parameters Treating capacity L/Hr 6000~8000
Working pressure Mpa ≤0.4
Working oil temperature 30-140
Power supply 380V,50HZ, or as per request
Total power KW 32
Oil inlet and outlet hose mm 40
Dimension mm 3870x2000x2000  (Products in kind prevail)
Weight Kg 2600 (Products in kind prevail)

The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations

YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine Layout

YZS Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine(no oil purifier)

Applications of YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  • The device has integrated the purification technology of low temperature physical adsorption (except dielectric loss, decolor, and deodor) and online regeneration adsorption filters in one.
  • It has high speed purification and oil quality protection.
  • It can efficiently remove moisture, impurities, oxidative deterioration matter, and hydrocarbons.

YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine Technologies

YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine
  1. The YZS series transformer oil regeneration machine adopts vacuum separation technology, vacuum degassing separation technology, multiplying the evaporation area, increasing the residence time of the oil in the vacuum chamber, and is reliable.
  2. The oil atomized particles are ≤50um, which increases the chance of contact between water molecules and gas molecules and vacuum.
  3. The radiant heating system could greatly improve the contact area between the heater and the oil, reduce the surface temperature of the heater, and age the oil.
  4. The vacuum pump pre-cooler reduces moisture in the vacuum pump, reduces the frequency of replacing the vacuum pump oil, and prolongs the life of the vacuum pump.
  5. The Yuneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. searches for and develops a degassing tank “anti-foam structure + two-way electronic foam monitoring system” to greatly improve purification efficiency.
  6. The YZS series transformer oil regeneration machine is equipped with an inlet and outlet oil exchange function. it is easy to operate by changing the direction of the valve without disassembling the inlet and outlet pipes.


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