Knowledge About Transformer and Transformer Oil Purifier

In the process of power transmission and distribution, the transformer is an important electrical equipment. Whether it is an industrial enterprise, or a shopping mall, office building, residential area, transformers can be seen everywhere. The role of transformers in the power industry is extremely important.

Transformer Oil Purifier

1) Principle of Transformer

Transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change AC voltage and current. The main components are primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (magnetic core). The following figure shows several transformers with different shapes.

Principle of Transformer

2)The Function of Transformer

 1. Variable voltage:increase or decrease the voltage, convert the voltage generated by the generator to the voltage level used by residents or industry through the process of voltage boosting, transmission and voltage reduction.

2. Variable current: change the current while changing the voltage.

3. Isolation: Isolate the user system and the power supply system to reduce the scope of the accident.

3)What is the use of transformer oil?

(1) Insulation effect: The transformer oil has very strong insulation performance, which will produce sufficient insulation strength between the winding and the casing.

(2) Heat dissipation effect: Transformer oil circulates naturally in the body and the plate-shaped radiator according to the principle of heat rise. The heat is dissipated through the radiator to keep the temperature of the coil not too high.

(3)Arc extinguishing effect: when the on-load voltage regulator is operated, an arc light will be generated when the tap changer is opened, and the transformer oil can extinguish the arc light to protect it.

4)The Function & Application of Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer oil purifier is a mechanical device that filters solid impurities and moisture in oil, improves oil quality and improves the dielectric strength of transformer oil.

It is used in special equipment for purification and treatment of unqualified electrical insulating oil in power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemicals, railways and other industrial and mining enterprises. It can also be used for vacuum injection of insulated power equipment and vacuum drying of electrical equipment moisture.