A transformer uses electromagnetic inductionas a means of transferring energy from circuit to circuit. This is generallyused when there is a need for a change in voltage. Transformers that have arating of 500 KVA or higher are called power transformers, and these areusually oil-filled to facilitate cooling and insulation. In fact, thesetransformers may contain gallons of oil, which means there are possible hazardsthat may arise over time including leaks, spills, and fires, to name a few.

On the other hand, there are also smaller transformers, which arerated below 500 KVA. These distribution transformers, as they arecalled, serve small businesses and residence areas. There are also transformersthat receive electrical energy at a high voltage, then these are delivered to alower voltage to be transmitted to several loads.

While transformers are typically robust devices, these may failover time due to old age, poor installation and deterioration of celluloseinsulation. In addition, there are several elements that contribute to theinsulation’s premature aging and damages. These include oxygen, heat, andmoisture. Without proper maintenance, these elements can cause acid formationand other materials that negatively impact cellulose insulation. Thus, these transformers may become unreliable and incapable of functioning as expected.

As for new transformers, these are usually checked and monitoredat the site, as well as at the factory. Hence, maintenanceprograms are in place, which can help prolong the life and prevent damagesof power transformers. Electrical testing is conducted regularly, and this mayinclude fluid testing as part of maintaining the transformer’s integrity andoverall performance.

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