Transformer Oil Reclamation Machine with Reactivated Regeneration Filters

YUNENG transformer oil reclamation machine combines the transformer oil filtration and regeneration system. It consists of the following components: primary filter, fine filter, heater, degassing and dehydration chamber, vacuum pump, PLC control system, oil transfer pump, fine filter, piping, valve, electrical control system and ZTSS online filtration security system, regeneration system, etc.

For the transformer oil reclamation machine, the regeneration filters could be reactivated regeneration for many times and reused again. And if you need to dispose the regneneratin filters when it couldnt be reactivated again, there is no oil left in the filter, which is pollution free.

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Technical data of Transformer Oil Reclamation Machine

Model: ZJA2BY-BONominal Flow: 2000L/h
Capacity: 33L/minWorking Pressure: ≤0.5MPa
Limit Vacuum:  ≤5-8PaWorking Vacuum: ≤80Pa
Operating oil temperature: 45~90℃Power:According to customer’s need
Heating Power: 20kWReactivated Regeneration Power:30kW
Total Power: 65kWLift:≥15m
Working Noise: ≤85dB(A)Oil Inlet/Outlet Diameter: DN25/ DN25

Oil Treatment Index of Transformer Oil Reclamation Machine

Water content: ≤5ppm

Gas content: ≤0.5%(Volume ratio)

Filter accuracy: 1µm

Breakdown voltage:≥75kV(spherical electrodes)

Acetylene content: 0

Continuous working hours: ≥200 hours

Average trouble-free working time: ≥5000 hours

Degassing and Dehydration Working Principle

To purify oil under the action of negative pressure from the suction valve into the strainer, filter out the larger particles of impurities after the heater to heat to set temperature range (controlled by the automatic constant temperature digital display temperature controller). The heated oil into the vacuum chamber and be atomized by the atomized spray, step by step in the efficient separation tower form developed area a great deal of oil film. Under the vacuum rapid evaporation to realize the separation of oil, water in and gas. The isolated oil by special oil transfer pump pumping out and go to the precision of machinery in the oil filter particles to complete a purification. General circulation filter to purify the oil depending on the crude oil degradation one to three times can achieve the requirement.

Online Filtration Security System Works

ZTSS is used to connect the following types of equipment to transformers: oil filtering equipment; oil degassing system and oil drying equipment.

The oil treatment plant is connected to the transformer through an upper port and a lower port. Each port is equipped with an automatic valve that stops the unit when needed, for example when an oil leak is detected.

The operator can set the normal up and down oil level in the transformer tank. If the oil level does not reach the normal level, the sensor commands the oil treatment plant to stop and close its connection to the transformer. The air in the hose triggers the air release valve, eliminating the erroneous trip of the gas relay.

YUNENG also manufactures transformer oil purifiers, SF6 recycling machines, dry air generators and more.

What is the difference between transformer oil regeneration and transformer oil recovery?

Actually, there is a difference between transformer oil regeneration and transformer oil recovery. First, we should know the definition of regeneration: “the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right” or “the cultivation of waste land or land formerly under water”.

Introduction to Transformer Oil Regeneration

Transformer oil reclamation or transformer oil regeneration refers to the process of restoring the performance characteristics of oil to its original state. That is, transformer oil Reclamation enables the continuous reuse of used oil, restoring the oil to its original state.

Transformer oil regeneration machines including transformer oil filtration and regeneration systems

Introduction to Transformer Oil Recovery

During the use of transformer oil, various impurities such as moisture and sludge will be generated over time. This will affect the physical and chemical properties of the transformer oil, so it is necessary to recycle the transformer oil.

Transformer oil recovery is a step-by-step purification process of oil. Gradually remove particulate impurities, moisture, degassing, etc.