What is Transformer Vacuum Pump for Transformer Drying?

The oil-immersed transformer is an important piece of equipment in modern power networks, and the safety of equipment operation has a direct impact on the power supply network.

Insulation drying treatment affects the overall performance of oil-immersed transformers, so it is necessary to pay attention to the insulation drying process of oil-immersed transformers. In actual work, it is found that the transformer vacuum drying process has a good application effect in the insulation drying treatment of oil-immersed transformers, which can improve the production efficiency of the transformer factory. 

This article will introduce the transformer vacuum pump for power vacuum transformer drying and vacuum oil filling in detail from various aspects.

What Are Transformer Drying Vacuum Pumps?

A transformer drying vacuum pump set is used for vacuuming in transformer vacuuming, vacuum smelting, drying, welding, chemical and pharmaceutical, power vacuum devices, and other industries.

 transformer drying vacuum pump set

What is Power Transformer Vacuum Drying & Why Transformer Vacuum Drying Process is Needed?

The body of the transformer is mainly composed of the iron core, coil, and insulating material assembly. Once the transformer enters the water, the insulation performance of the insulating material will be reduced, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the transformer and even cause safety accidents.

After the transformer is assembled, it needs to go through the transformer vacuum drying process before adding the transformer oil. In order to remove the moisture and gas in the insulating material, the moisture content is controlled within the limit of product quality requirements to ensure that the transformer has sufficient dielectric strength and operating life. Therefore, the purpose of power transformer vacuum drying is to remove the moisture in the transformer insulating material and improve the use effect and service life of the transformer.

What is transformer vacuum oiling?

During the normal oil filling of the transformer, in order to remove the gas during the oil filling process, vacuuming is a more effective measure. Contains two methods:

1. When there is no oil in the tank: in a vacuum state, slowly inject qualified transformer oil from the bottom of the tank.

2. When the oil tank of the transformer is full of oil: at this time, the whole transformer is evacuated and degassed.

The purpose is to separate the gas inside the transformer from the insulating medium and improve the insulation level of the transformer.

Why Do You Need a Transformer Vacuum Pump & What is the Role of Vacuum Transformer Pump?

The transformer vacuum pump can be used for the transformer vacuum drying process of the large power transformers of 220KV, 500KV, ±800KV, and 1000KV, and the vacuuming operation during vacuum oil filling. It is suitable for vacuuming operations in power plants, substations, and transformer manufacturing plants.

What Are the Characteristics of Vacuum Pump for Transformer?

1. It has the characteristics of an anti-suck back, quick start, high pumping speed, stable performance, and easy operation.

2. The main vacuum pump of the vacuum pump for transformer adopts imported top brands.

3. The working vacuum can reach 10Pa, the ultimate vacuum can reach 1Pa, and the vacuum can be set intelligently.

4. GIS interface can be reserved according to customer requirements.

transformer vacuum pump

Professional Transformer Vacuum Pump Unit Manufacturer-YUNENG

YUNENG can produce a variety of models, including 70L/S, 150L/S, 300L/S, 600L/S, and 1200L/S transformer drying vacuum pumps. Customized parts can also be provided according to the specific needs of customers. As a direct machine manufacturer, we can not only guarantee the production quality of our products but also offer competitive prices. We are specialized in research, design , production and customer service, which can provide the best service for customers from all over the world at any time.

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