Why Should Factory Use Transformer Oil Purifier? And How to choose?

At present, most distribution power transformers are installed in the open air, and the insulating oil (transformer oil) is affected by external impurities, contact with air, and high operating temperature of the equipment itself, which gradually deteriorates the quality of the oil. The deteriorated insulating oil will not have the proper insulation and cooling effect. Therefore, transformer oil purifiers began to be widely used.

What Is Transformer Oil Purifier and Its Working Principles


A transformer oil purifier (also known as an oil purifier or vacuum oil purifier) is a professional equipment used to process transformer oil. It can purify solid impurities and moisture in oil, improve oil quality performance, and improve the insulation strength of transformer oil. This equipment is used in power factories, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, and other industrial and mining enterprises to purify unqualified electrical insulating oil. It can also carry out vacuum injection and pumping on insulated electrical equipment, and vacuum dry the moisture in electrical equipment.

Transformer Oil Filtration machine

There is a set of basic principles for the use of transformer oil purifiers, please read Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier: Working Principle and Benefits for details.

In addition, It is worth noticing that the working principle of the specific transformer oil purifier may vary with different designs and models, and in practical applications, it may also include other auxiliary functions, such as oil drying, degassing, etc.

Why Choose Transformer Oil Purifier?

Since we have some basic understanding of the transformer oil purifier, so let’s see why use a transformer oil purifier.

  • First of all, because the transformer oil greatly affects the performance and life of the transformer, by using a transformer oil purifier, the transformer oil can be regularly filtered and processed to remove impurities and pollutants, the service life of the equipment can be prolonged, and the reliability and stability of the equipment can be improved.
  • secondly, after using a transformer oil purifier, the maintenance cost can be saved, and downtime and production loss can also be reduced. At the same time, by maintaining the good quality of transformer oil, the risk of transformer failure can be reduced and the safety of the factory can be improved.
  • Thirdly, through the treatment of a vacuum oil purifier, the slightly deteriorated oil can be reused, and the leakage and discharge of oil are reduced, which not only helps to protect the environment but also prevents the pollution of soil, water, and air, which has great social significance.

In summary, using a transformer oil purifier provides economical and sustainable benefits.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

How to Choose A Suitable Transformer Oil Purifier?

When considering purchasing a transformer oil purifier machine for your factory, you first need to consider the following aspects:

  1. Oil flow capacity: The oil flow capacity of the vacuum oil purifier is an important indicator, which indicates the amount of oil that can be processed per unit time. Determine the required oil filtration capacity according to your needs to ensure that the production or use requirements are met.
  2. Filtration accuracy: The filtration accuracy of the vacuum oil purifier determines how small particles it can purify. According to the oil you are dealing with and the required oil quality requirements, choose the appropriate purifier fineness.
  3. Operation mode: The vacuum oil purifier can have manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation modes. According to your operation needs and human resource situation, choose the appropriate operation mode.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: According to your budget, in addition to the price of the oil purifier itself, factors such as operating costs, maintenance costs, and purifier element replacement frequency should also be considered to evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness of the oil purifier.
  5. Equipment quality and durability: Make sure to choose a quality and reliable vacuum oil purifier machine with good durability and reliability.

In addition, you should also consider the safety performance and after-sales service of the equipment, and refer to relevant product reviews and experience sharing before purchasing, which will help you make the best choice.


The human drive for environmental protection and saving production costs have prompted the continuous upgrading and development of oil purifiers in the industry. Vacuum oil purifier has emerged as the times require and is gradually being widely used in factories. It is used in power factories, power stations, power companies, the substation industry, railways, petrochemical, metallurgy, and other fields. For unqualified transformer oil, it can quickly and effectively remove moisture, gas, mechanical impurities, and other harmful substances in the oil, and improve the flash point and withstand voltage. Unqualified transformer oil can be processed without power failure, production shutdown, oil change, no purifier paper, and transformer live operation. It can also be used for vacuum oiling of transformers and drying of various wet electrical equipment.

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