YUNENG GF Series Dry Air Generator

YUNENG GF Series Dry Air Generator can show its unique advantages for large transformers and reactors in the power system.

When the transformer is shipped from the factory, heavier insulating oil is pumped out and replaced with very light dry air, which reduces the transportation cost of large transformers.

Due to the long time for overhaul and accident repair of a large transformer, sometimes more than half a month, if there is no absolute dry air to fill the transformer around the clock, the transformer body will be seriously damp and will be seriously corroded. The insulation performance will be destroyed.

The dry air generator can ensure that the internal insulation of the transformer will not get wet during the maintenance process, and the maintenance personnel will not suffocate due to lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment. It is not affected by external climate change, avoiding the traditional transformer oil thermal cycle drying method, which can ensure the improvement of oil insulation performance and the reduction of moisture, and also ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

Breakdown diagram of dry air generator as following:

1. Front view:

Dry Air Generator

2. Back view:

Dry Air Generator