ZJ Series Vacuum Pump Unit

The vacuum pump units are widely used in the installation and maintenance of various large transformers for efficient vacuum drying and vacuuming. It is suitable for vacuuming in the substation industry, transformer manufacturing plant, and power plant.

YUNENG can provide 1000m³/h, 2000m³/h, 500m³/h, 150m³/h, and other models, you can choose according to your specific needs.

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What is ZJ Series Transformer Vacuum Pump Unit? & What is the working of a vacuum pump unit?

Transformer vacuum drying equipment is widely used in various types of large-scale transformer installation and maintenance for high-efficiency vacuum drying and vacuum pumping.

The leakage rate of the unit is less than 1%, and the vacuum system is equipped with an anti-oil-back device and a phase sequence automatic commutation system to prevent the vacuum pump from reversing. It is especially suitable for vacuuming in the substation industry, power supply bureau, power plant, and transformer manufacturing plant. In addition, it can also be used for vacuuming in vacuum smelting, welding, chemical and pharmaceutical, vacuum coating, electronic components, and other industries.

Features of Vacuum Pump Unit:

  1. ZJ Series Vacuum Pump Unit adopts an air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump and roots pump, working vacuum is 50Pa and max working vacuum up to 10 Pa in the running, the ultimate vacuum is 1-3Pa.
  2. It has features of a quick start, high pumping speed, stable performance, and ease of operation.
  3. It also accepts LCD displays, and mobile and flexible features. The user-friendly design, low noise, low energy consumption, and low operating costs.
  4. Fully automatic operation, unattended, and the running status is indicated by the indicator light.


Power Supply50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Limit VacuityPa≤3
Pumping SpeedL/S701503006001200
Pumping Level2
Connection Diametermm5080

The machine size, and weight will change slightly due to different configurations

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ZJ Series Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine
ZJ Series Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine