ZJA Series Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

ZJA series double stage transformer oil filtration machine is a kind of machine to filter the impurities in the waste transformer oil. It is mainly used to improve the properties of transformer oil for 66KV to 500KV power transmission project. It can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters, etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as to boost the performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors which have an insulation system.

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What is Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Working Principle?

When ZJA Series Transformer Oil Filtration Machine works, the oil goes through the pre-filter and enters the heater for heating. The heated oil will be separated into vacuum pump and roots pump in the Vacuum separator. And then roots pump falls onto the condenser and turns oil pump with the Water vapor molecules entering the water receiver. Finally, after the oil pump passes through the secondary filter and fine filter, the oil is discharged.

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Specifications

Technical ParameterFlow RateL/H18003000600090001200018000
Working VacuityPa≤80
Working PressureMpa≤0.35
Temperature RangeoC45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total PowerKW163670100150200
Inlet/Outlet DiameterDN20/2025/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
Oil Treatment IndexBreakdown VoltageKV≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Contentppm≤5
Gas Content%≤0.3
Filtering Accuracyµm1

The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Why We Need Transformer Oil Filtration? & Functions of Transformer Oil Filter Plant?

The transformer oil will be aged or polluted after running for a period of time, and mechanical impurities, moisture, gas, etc. will enter the transformer oil.

Both new oil and transformer oil after a period of use need to be filtered. At this time, the role of the transformer oil filtration machine is reflected. The equipment can effectively remove water, gas, suspended impurities, precipitated impurities, etc. from inferior transformer oil. It can filter and purify the inferior transformer oil and switch oil, improve the oil quality, restore the viscosity, flash point and service performance of the lubricating oil, so as to ensure the normal operation of the transformer system.

How is Transformer Oil Filter Machine Working?

The transformer oil filtration machine working can be summarized as follows 6 points:

  1. To create a vacuum, the vacuum pump expels the air from the vacuum tank.
  2. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external oil enters the primary filter through the oil inlet pipe, where larger particles are filtered.
  3. The oil enters the heating tank and is heated to 45~65℃. Then through the automatic oil float valve.
  4. The jet wing’s rapid rotation separates the heated oil into a semi-mist, and the water in the oil quickly evaporates into water vapor, which is continually sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump.
  5. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled into the water and released.
  6. The oil in the vacuum degassing and dehydration chamber is discharged into the fine filter from the oil discharge pump. Fine particulate impurities are filtered out by a fine filter.

Finally, the whole process of filtering water, gas, and impurities in the oil by the vacuum oil filter is completed.

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What are the advantages of the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine:

This kind of high vacuum transformer oil filter machine has many advantages when it starts to filter waste oil.

At first, it adopts vacuum separation technology and can achieve a vacuum degassing separation process. Thereby the technology can double the evaporation area and increase the residence time of the oil in the vacuum chamber to improve the quality and reliability of the filtered oil.

Besides, this transformer oil filtration machine can increase the chances of contact between water molecules and gas molecules and vacuum several times.

At last, this machine is equipped with vacuum pump precooler, which can reduce the water entering the vacuum pump, reduce the frequency of replacing the vacuum pump oil, and extend the life of the vacuum pump. Since the boiling point of water in oil drops greatly under high vacuum, it does not need a high temperature to volatilize a large amount of water. Similarly, the higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation of water, using this principle through heating and high vacuum can quickly and effectively remove the water in the oil, and through the filter to remove the impurities in the oil, finally achieving the effect of oil purification.

Features of oil filtration machine for transformer:

  1. Used in the electric power system (66kV~500KV).
  2. Features include a high working vacuum, fast oil filtering and sound oil protection.
  3. Suitable for oil treatment, vacuum oil injection and cyclic hot oil drying in the installation and maintenance of large capacity transformers. 
  4. As a powerful oil purifier manufacturer, YUNENG can produce various kinds of oil purification units and has been committed to providing you with the best service.

Application of Transformer Oil Filter Machine

ZJA Series high vacuum transformer oil filter machine is mainly used in the power industry, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, chemical machinery, transportation, railways, and other industries. It is used to filter the oils such as transformer oil, and imported oil.

  • Oil filtration can be performed on-site.
  • Vacuum dry damp electrical equipment.
  • Vacuum the newly installed or overhauled transformer, and carry out vacuum oil injection at the same time.

The ZJA transformer oil filtration machine is also known as the “Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine” in Bangladesh.

Can You Provide the Portable Transformer Oil Filtration Machine?

Of course, we can provide portable high vacuum transformer oil filter machine, open-type, or closed-type. You can choose according to your usage environment.

The portable transformer oil filtration machine is mounted on a trailer and can be easily moved on or off-highway and transferred to any work point you need. It can solve the problem of transformer oil filtration under various conditions for you.

Choose a Reliable Transformer Oil Filter Machine Manufacturers:

YUNENG is an experienced transformer oil filtration machine manufacturer, you can contact us for inquiries. Various types of industrial transformer oil filter machine for sale can be produced. It is mostly used in industrial and mining enterprises such as power companies, power plants, power stations, metallurgy, railways, petrochemicals, etc. Our pre-sales customer service staff and after-sales customer service staff will reply to you as quickly as possible.