6000LPH High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine has excellent performance both in design and cost. YUNENG’s double stage vacuum transformer oil purifier process and overall performance are in the leading position in China. It has the advantages of high working vacuum, fast oil filtration speed and oil quality protection. This series may include two types, fixed close type and mobile trailer mounted type, suitable for oil treatment and transformer vacuum oiling during big transformers installation and maintenance.

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What is Transformer Oil Purifier?

Transformer oil purifier machine is a mechanical device that filters moisture, gas and solid impurities in transformer oil and improves the quality, performance and dielectric strength of transformer oil. It is a double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier manufactured by YUNENG. It can purify and treat unqualified electrical insulating oil in industrial and mining enterprises such as power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemicals, railways, etc.

YUNENG as one of the reliable transformer oil purification machine manufacturers, the transformer oil purification system we produce not only have quality assurance and competitive prices, but also have many different models. Can be selected and customized according to your different needs.

According to Flow Rate, in addition to 6000LPH, YUNENG can also supply 1800LPH, 3000LPH, 9000LPH, 12000LPH, 18000LPH and other models.

Depending on the environment of use, you can choose closed, open or trailer-mounted transformer oil purification machines.

  • Closed: This transformer oil purifier is suitable for outdoor use and prevents climbing.
  • Open: This oil purifier is suitable for indoor use without metal doors or trailers.
  • Trailer: The trailer-mounted oil purifier is suitable for situations where the machine needs to be moved from one site to another.

What are the Advantages of the Transformer Oil Purification System?

The advantages of vacuum transformer oil purifiers produced by YUNENG are as follows:

  1. The transformer oil purification system is a purification technology that integrates low-temperature physical adsorption (removal of dielectric loss, decolorization, and deodorization) and online regeneration of adsorption filters. It has functions such as high-speed purification and oil quality protection. hydrocarbons.
  2. The oil purifier is specially designed for the purification of electrical insulating oil in oil-filled electrical equipment, especially for the purification of UHV, EHV transformer oil or other insulating oils.
  3. This oil purifier can be used to degas, dehydrate, filter and restore dielectric strength of insulating oils. Through dehydration, degassing, filtration and other processes, dissolved gas, moisture, solid particles and pollutants can be completely removed.
  4. The oil purifier is a very efficient, durable and user friendly high vacuum oil purification device on the market today. Purpose-designed design features maximize the pumping rate of our systems, and state-of-the-art components and workmanship ensure years of maintenance-free operation and performance.

Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Specifications

Technical ParameterFlow RateL/H18003000600090001200018000
Working VacuityPa≤80
Working PressureMpa≤0.35
Temperature RangeoC45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total PowerKW163670100150200
Inlet/Outlet DiameterDN20/2025/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
Oil Treatment IndexBreakdown VoltageKV≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Contentppm≤5
Gas Content%≤0.3
Filtering Accuracyµm1

The machine size, and weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

What is Transformer Oil Purifier Working Principle?

When the 6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier works, the oil passes through the oil purifier machine with a large amount of dirt to remove impurities. The oil purifier machine use a special and personalized vacuum separator, which uses the principle of “cavitation”. The contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator is expanded hundreds of times, and the “cavitation” system continuously increases the surface area of oil evaporation, and the evaporation interface is constantly updated, which maximizes the oil travel in the vacuum system and the static water volatilization area, so that the water in the oil can be quickly evaporated under the conditions of low heat, high vacuum, large surface and high pumping speed, and discharged from the vacuum system.

How is the Transformer Oil Purifier Operation?

The following describes the operation of transformer oil purification plants:

1. Before turning on the transformer oil purifier, set the vacuum level and control the temperature. The vacuum degree of the electric contact vacuum gauge should be set between -0.07 ~ 0.09Mpa and the temperature of the temperature controller is generally set at 45 ~ 65℃ according to the different altitudes.

2. Open the valve on the intake pipe of the vacuum pump and start the vacuum pump. And pay attention to observe the increase of vacuum degree.

3. When the vacuum degree reaches the set vacuum degree, the electrical contacts are turned on. The oil inlet solenoid valve is automatically opened, and the heater is put into use at the same time. (Note: The use of the heater is controlled by the setting value of the temperature controller and the oil inlet solenoid valve. The heater can only be put into use when these two conditions are met at the same time.)

4. When the oil enters the vacuum tank, the oil level reaches the lower limit height of the infrared oil level automatic controller on the oil level gauge. The internal relay contacts of the infrared oil level automatic controller are turned on, the oil outlet solenoid valve is automatically opened, and the oil pump is automatically opened, and the oil outlet starts to flow out.

If the oil level exceeds the upper limit height of the infrared oil level automatic controller on the oil level gauge, the oil inlet solenoid valve will be automatically closed and the oil inlet will be stopped.

If the oil level is lower than the lower limit height of the infrared oil level automatic controller on the oil level gauge, the oil pump will automatically stop draining oil. So as to ensure the automatic control of the entire oil filtering process.

5. After the transformer oil purifier works normally and the oil is circulated several times, samples can be taken from the sampling port for testing.

What is the Difference Between Single-stage Transformer Oil Purifier and Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifier?

The single-stage transformer oil purification plant is applicable to the treatment of insulating oil of small transformers and the purification of transformer oil, transformer insulating oil, circuit breaker oil, etc. It is applicable to transformers below 110KV. The equipment is simple to operate and can quickly and efficiently filter water, gas, impurities, etc. in oil products. It is mainly used in power plants, substations, power industry, etc.

The double-stage transformer oil purification system is applicable to the oil purification treatment and vacuum hot oil circulation drying during the installation and maintenance of various large transformer equipment. Especially suitable for transformers above 110K. The function of the two-stage transformer oil purifier is more perfect than that of the single-stage vacuum oil filter. The effect of removing mechanical impurities, gases, moisture, water-soluble acids and alkalis is faster and more thorough, and the ultimate insulation strength and flash point of oil products are improved more.

What is the Difference Between Vacuum Oil Purifier and Centrifugal Oil Purifier?

The dehydration speed of centrifugal oil purifier is very fast, but the filtering accuracy is not as high as that of vacuum oil purifier. The micro water cannot be filtered, the emulsification cannot be broken, the gas cannot be removed, and the acid value cannot be reduced. It is not suitable for industrial oils with high requirements on cleanliness, water content and gas content.

The centrifugal oil purifier needs to clean the system frequently. The system installation workload is large, the installation requirements are high, and the equipment cost is high. Therefore, many power plants and steel plants have stopped using centrifugal oil purifiers.

The vacuum oil purifier is very suitable for filtering various industrial oils with high water content requirements. Suitable for precision filtration, with moderate price. Both new oil and oil deteriorated after use are suitable for vacuum oil filter.

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