Can Transformer Oil be Used As Lubricating Oil?

Someone may confuse transformer oil and lubricating oil. In fact, the two oils are different and cannot be used interchangeably. This article will explain the difference between transformer oil and lubricating oil in detail.

First of All, What Is Transformer Oil and What Is Its Role?

Transformer oil is a kind of mineral oil obtained by distillation and refining of natural petroleum. It is a pure, stable, low viscosity, good insulation and good cooling natural hydrocarbon mixture. Its main components are alkanes, naphthenic saturated hydrocarbons, aromatic unsaturated hydrocarbons and other compounds.

The role of transformer oil:

1. It mainly plays the role of cooling and heat dissipation during operation.

2. It plays the role of insulation and insulation maintenance for windings, etc., so as to keep them in a good insulation state.

3. Transformer oil plays an arc suppression role at the high-voltage lead wire and the contact point of the tap changer to prevent the generation of corona and arc discharge.

4. Transformer oil is also used as a liquid seal in hydraulic safety valves.

What is Lubricating Oil and What is Its Role of Lubricating Oil?

Lubricating oil is applied between two relatively moving objects to reduce the friction and wear caused by the contact between the relatively moving objects.

Lubricating oil generally consists of two parts: base oil and additives. Base oil determines the basic properties of lubricating oil and is the main component of lubricating oil. Additives can make up for and improve the performance of base oil and endow some new properties.

According to its source, lubricating oil can be divided into four categories: vegetable oil, animal oil, petroleum lubricating oil and synthetic lubricating oil. Among them, the amount of petroleum lubricating oil accounts for more than 90% of the total amount, so lubricating oil often refers to petroleum lubricating oil.

The role of lubricating oil:

The role of lubricating oil is used in various mechanical equipment to reduce friction. And protect machinery and processed parts, it has the functions of lubricating, cooling, sealing, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, insulation, power transmission, and cleaning impurities for machinery and equipment.

Why Can’t Transformer Oil be Used As Lubricating Oil?

1. The main function of transformer oil is insulation rather than lubrication. The uses of the two oils are different, so they should not be mixed.

2. Compared with lubricating oil, transformer oil has a small specific gravity, low viscosity, high flash point, strong water absorption, and no anti-wear ingredients, so it is not suitable for use as mechanical lubricating oil.

Therefore, transformer oil cannot be used as lubricating oil, and the functions of the two are different.

Filtration and Purification of Lubricating Oil and Transformer Oil

Whether it is lubricating oil or transformer oil after a period of use, in order to restore its performance and use function, it needs to be filtered and purified.

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