DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier

DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier is a kind of machine that is equipped with performance indexes such as kinematic viscosity, flash point and viscosity-temperature. It is ideal equipment for industrial and mining enterprises to purify various liquid oil products. The use of two-stage vacuum or multi-stage vacuum oil purifier, oil treatment efficiency is higher, can greatly shorten the oil treatment period.

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What is turbine oil purification system?

  1. DYJC Series Online Coalescing and Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification System is used for cooling, lubricating or speed regulation of various turbine or hydro-turbine systems which will be polluted by water (free water, dissolved water, emulsified water) and particles.
  2. Water and particles will seriously affect the safe running and lifetime of turbines or lubricating systems.
  3. It can work combined with our JB regeneration system to remove oil sludge and colloid, to de-color and reduce acid value.
  4. DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier System is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, oil field, chemical, mining, electric power, transportation, manufacturing and other industries.
  5. It can effectively purify and regenerate liquid oils such as hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, compressor oil, cold motor oil, heat treatment oil and turbine oil which are deteriorated and deteriorated, and can be quickly removed. Moisture, gas, mechanical impurities and light acids, light hydrocarbons (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia) in the oil.
  6. The machine can improve oil quality, restore lubricant viscosity, flash point and performance. Ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system, power system and lubrication system.

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Features of Turbine Oil Filter Machine:

  1. A wide range of vacuum dehydration.
  2. DCS remote control interface available.
  3. Special pipeline design.

Why do you need to use a turbine oil filter machine?

During the operation of steam turbines in power plants and power stations, water, dust, and impurities will be mixed into the turbine oil. This will accelerate the oxidation of turbine oil, and promote the formation of fouling, foam, sludge, etc., causing severe emulsification of oil, thereby reducing the performance of oil lubrication, heat dissipation, speed regulation, and cooling. It will also cause corrosion of metal parts in the steam turbine, affecting the safe operation of the steam turbine.

The turbine oil purifier is guaranteed for the safe operation of the generating set and is mainly used in the electric power industry.

What is the function of a turbine oil purifier?

  1. Through turbine oil purification, the cleanliness of turbine oil can be ensured.
  2. Thoroughly solve persistent problems such as oxidation and deterioration of turbine oil
  3. Greatly extend the service life of turbine oil and reduce the discharge of waste oil.
  4. There is no need to stop the machine for an oil change, which reduces the loss of machine downtime.

What is turbine oils? & What can a turbine oil be used for?

1. Turbine oil can lubricate the bearings and other rotating parts of the turbine generator, and take away the heat, including the heat generated by friction and the heat transmitted by high-temperature steam to various parts of the turbine.

2. Turbine oil is the transmission medium of the steam turbine speed control system and various hydraulic control valves.

If the turbine oil deteriorates, on the one hand, the lubricating part cannot be lubricated, resulting in damage to equipment parts. On the other hand, the transmission part may be rusted, corroded, blocked, etc., so that the speed control and protection devices will be jammed.

What is the Reason for the Deterioration of Turbine Oil?

1. The temperature is too high

Turbine oil in operation continuously circulates in the system, and the oil temperature continues to rise. High temperature can easily lead to deterioration of oil quality.

2. Water in the turbine oil

The entry of water into the turbine oil will accelerate the aging and emulsification of the oil. And it also interacts with additives in the oil, causing it to break down and equipment to rust.

3. Impurities or dust particles enter the oil.

Due to the poor sealing of the fuel tank, air and particulate matter such as magazines and dust in it enter the turbine oil. At high temperatures, the oxidative deterioration of the oil will be accelerated.

Parameters of DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier

ItemParameterType UnitDYJC-3000DYJC-6000DYJC-7800DYJC-9000DYJC-12000DYJC-18000
Technical ParameterFlow RateL/H30006000780090001200018000
Working VacuityMpa-0.06~-0.09
Working pressureMpa≤0.6
Temperature RangeoC45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire
Total PowerKW306070901001200
Inlet/Outlet Diametermm25/2540/4040/4050/5050/5050/50
Oil Treatment IndexWater Contentppm≤50
Kinematic Viscositym/s≤20% in comparison to the original bias value of new oil
Filtering Accuracyµm≤3
Oil Appearance Transparence

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

Applicable of DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier

DYJC steam turbine oil online oil purifier is an online oil purification equipment specially designed for water, steam turbine, and other lubricating oil units.

DYJC Series Turbine Oil Purifier is mainly suitable for oil products with high water content and serious emulsification and expects deep dehydration to achieve the requirements of good oil quality indicators. The design of this machine is very user-friendly. It can use a vacuum system alone for deep dewatering or only use coalescing dewatering system for online filtration. Of course, it can also enable vacuum separation and coalescing dewatering separation at the same time.

This machine is suitable for the dehydration treatment of oil products with water content below 2%. The system operates reliably and has stable performance. The use of this product is an ideal solution for the oil treatment of leaking units.

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Turbine Oil Purifier System
Turbine Oil Purifier System