Enhancing Transformer Oil Performance with Vacuum Oil Purifiers

Transformer oil plays a critical role in the efficient functioning of electrical transformers. Not only does it facilitate arc suppression and prevent the generation of electrical discharges, but it also provides insulation and helps maintain the integrity of windings. However, when moisture is present in transformer oil, its insulating and arc suppression capabilities are compromised, leading to reduced cooling efficiency and overall performance. Consequently, the conventional practice of selling used oil without proper dehydration is not only wasteful but also increases costs. To address this issue, the transformer oil dehydration machine has been developed, offering advanced dehydration and degassing technologies. This article explores the significance of vacuum oil purifiers and how they enhance the performance of transformer oil.

What Is Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine?

The transformer oil dehydration machine is specifically designed to address the dehydration and degassing requirements of transformer oil. It employs a three-dimensional rapid evaporation system and pressure reduction separation technology to achieve efficient dehydration. By creating a high vacuum environment, this purifier enables rapid evaporation of water without compromising the integrity of oil additives through excessive heating. The use of a double-stage vacuum process enhances the withstand voltage of the treated oil, resulting in improved performance and longevity.

9000LPH Transformer oil filtation machine

Functions of Vacuum Oil Purifiers

The primary function of a vacuum oil purifier is to remove contaminants from transformer oil, ensuring optimal performance. With its filtration capabilities, it effectively eliminates both free and dissolved water, as well as free and dissolved gases. The purifier can remove 100% of free water and up to 99.9% of dissolved water, while also eliminating 100% of free gas and 98% of dissolved gas. By removing these impurities, the vacuum oil purifier significantly enhances the insulation properties of transformer oil, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing the risk of electrical breakdown.

Furthermore, the transformer oil dehydration machine offers additional functionalities beyond dehydration and degassing. It can be used for oil filtration, further improving the quality and purity of the treated oil. Additionally, the purifier is equipped with vacuum drying and oil injection capabilities, making it suitable for vacuum drying and filling transformer equipment. This comprehensive approach to transformer oil maintenance ensures the highest performance standards and prolongs the lifespan of both the oil and the equipment.

Advantages of Vacuum Oil Purifiers

By utilizing a vacuum oil purifier, several advantages can be achieved. Firstly, it eliminates the need to sell used oil as a waste product, thereby reducing resource waste. Instead of the traditional practice of discarding used oil and purchasing new oil, the purifier allows for the reclamation and reuse of treated oil, resulting in cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Secondly, vacuum oil purification ensures that the transformer oil maintains its optimal performance characteristics. By removing moisture and gases, the oil’s insulating and arc suppression capabilities are restored, enabling efficient cooling and preventing electrical discharges. This, in turn, safeguards the integrity of windings and enhances the overall reliability of the transformer system.

Vacuum Oil Purifiers


The utilization of vacuum oil purifiers, such as the transformer oil dehydration machine, is crucial for maintaining the high performance of transformer oil. Through advanced dehydration and degassing technologies, these purifiers effectively remove water and gases from the oil, enhancing its insulation properties and preventing electrical breakdowns. By eliminating the need to sell used oil as waste and enabling the reuse of treated oil, vacuum oil purifiers offer cost savings and environmental benefits. Investing in proper oil maintenance and utilizing vacuum oil purifiers is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of transformer equipment. With the continued development of such technologies, the power industry can achieve improved efficiency and sustainability in transformer operation and maintenance.

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Item Parameter Type Unit ZJA1.8KY ZJA3KY ZJA6KY ZJA9KY ZJA12KY ZJA18KY
Technical Parameter Flow Rate L/H 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Working Vacuity Pa ≤80
Working Pressure Mpa ≤0.35
Temperature Range oC 45-65
Power Supply   50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total Power KW 16 36 70 100 150 200
Inlet/Outlet Diameter DN 20/20 25/25 32/32 40/40 50/50 65/65
Size Length Cm 160 180 220 250 280 345
Width Cm 125 145 160 195 215 260
Height Cm 200 220 245 270 300 300
Weight Kg 650 900 1200 1600 2200 3000
Oil Treatment Index Breakdown Voltage KV ≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Content ppm ≤5
Gas Content % ≤0.3
Filtering Accuracy µm 1