GF-50 Series Mobile Type Dry Air Compressor

YUNENG GF-50 Series mobile type dry air compressor is designed for supplying dry air that keeps the power equipment’s inner from moisture during maintenance, such as transformer, reactor, and other large power equipment. It’s a reliable, convenient economic system.

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Principle of YUNENG GF-50 Series mobile type dry air compressor:

  • GF-50 series dry air compressor is mainly composed of an air compressor, refrigerator, adsorber, three-stage precision dry air filter, electronic control system, pressure reducing valve, and dew point meter.
  • After the compressed air enters the pre-cooler, it enters the centrifugal dewatering filter for the first water-gas separation and then enters the chiller for deep condensing and dehydration.
  • Most of the water is condensed into water, and the air is condensed and dehydrated for the second time. Then, enter the regenerative dry air filter, adsorb the remaining water, and absorb the dehydrated dry air into a 0.01μm high-precision filter to remove the particles and then transport it to the equipment that needs dry gas through the pressure regulator to ensure the transformer.
  • The insulation strength is not reduced by impurities. The dew point detector detects the air dew point and has an alarm when the air fails.

Applications of Dry Air Compressor:

  • The device is mainly used in the power system, warehouse, packaging, electronics, and other industries for air supply drying and circulating drying, replacing the traditional transformer hot oil circulation drying method.
  • It is suitable for the supply of dry air during the overhaul of large-scale power equipment such as transformers and reactors. The dry air provided ensures that the internal insulation of the power equipment will not be damp, and the maintenance personnel will not be deprived of oxygen when working inside the equipment. Safer than using nitrogen, reliable, economical, and convenient.
  • When using a dry air compressor for equipment maintenance, it can be protected from changes in external climatic conditions, especially during an overnight operation.
  • It only needs to seal all flanges and fill dry air 0.1- 0.3MPa. Without oil injection, transformers, reactors, etc., will not be damp, reducing the daily pumping and oiling workload, shortening the maintenance period, and improving the quality of maintenance. In the oil filtering process, the oiling equipment box and the oil can be inflated and dried to improve the oil filtering efficiency (more than doubled).
  • When filtering oil on rainy days can ensure the improvement of oil insulation and the reduction of moisture. It can be used as an indoor air conditioner in the workplace when it is idle.

Parameters of GF-50 Series Mobile Type Dry Air Compressor

Technical ParameterFlowM³/h50100150200
Working PressureMpa0.6~0.8
Pressure DropMpa0.05
Working PowerKW380V-50Hz   3 Phase 4 Wire
Total PowerKW12192226
After Treatment IndexDischarge PressureMpa0.02~0.03
Dew Point°C-50°C ~ -70°C
Oil content in air outletppm0.01

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

Detailed Images

GF-50 Series Mobile Type Dry Air Compressor
GF-50 Series Mobile Type Dry Air Compressor