Transformer Drying System

  • YUNENG transformer drying system combines the advantages of the regenerative dryer, adsorption, filtration, and other dry purification processes.
  • Through rational process piping connections, the system can achieve the best economic and operational status.
  • The finished product is high-quality, low-dew point gas.
  • The desiccant regeneration gas consumption is small, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe, and reliable.

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Features of Transformer Drying System

  • The transformer drying system produced by YUNENG integrates the advantages of the regenerative dryer.
  • The adsorption, filtering, and various other dry purification processes are incorporated scientifically.
  • Through reasonable process piping connection and piping to achieve the best economical operating state and high-quality, low dew point gas.
  • YUNENG can provide many types of transformer dry air generators.

Parameters of Transformer Drying System

Item Parameter Unit GF-50 GF-100 GF-150 GF-200
Technical Parameter Flow M3/h 50 100 150 200
Working Pressure Mpa 0.6~0.8
Pressure Drop Mpa 0.05
Noise dB(A) 70
Working Power KW 380V-50Hz  3 Phase  4 Wire
Total Power KW 12 19 22 26
Size Length cm 215 215 230 230
Width cm 155 155 165 165
Height cm 230 230 230 230
Diameter DN 32 40 50 50
Weight Kg 900 980 1030 1050

The machine size and weight will change slightly due to different configurations

Advantages of Transformer Drying System

  1. YUNENG transformer drying system uses the screw compressor units from the leading air compressor manufacturer ATLAS COPCO.
  2. The low-speed centrifugal fan has a big capacity and low noise. The automatic computer controller ensures the compressor is running at the best performance.
  3. The cooling system adopts a highly efficient, fully enclosed air-cooled motor, level of protection grade IP54, insulation class F, and can be maintained long-term trouble-free operation.
  4. The absorption dryer takes a regenerative dryer with low air consumption, low-pressure loss, a long service life desiccating agent, stable outlet pressure, and dew point.
  5. The air dryer for the transformer uses a programmable controller PLC for host control, and the text displayer monitors the operating status of the combination of machines.
transformer drying system
transformer drying system

After Treatment Index of Transformer Drying System

Parameter Unit After Treatment Index
Discharge Pressure Mpa 0.02~0.03
Dew Point °C -50°C ~ -70°C
Particle μm
Oil content in air outlet ppm 0.01

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our products have a one-year guarantee for producing high quality(People-damaged components are charged).
  2. Our products have lifelong upkeep and spare parts supply.
  3. We accept freely design customized products according to customer requirements.
  4. We provide free training on equipment installation and operating procedures for your employees in need.

Packaging & Shipping

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