GF Series Hot Dry Air Generator

YUNENG GF series hot dry air generator is mainly used to supply dry air while maintaining the transformer. The machine is automatic running, and with a dew point -50~-70℃. You could choose different models of the dry air generator machine according to the treating capacity. The treating capacity varies from 50m³/h to 480m³/h.

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Principles of YUNENG GF Series Hot Dry Air Generator:

YUNENG GF series air dryer transformer is mainly composed of an air compressor, refrigerator, adsorber, three-stage precision dry air filter, electronic control system, pressure reducing valve, and dew point meter. After the compressed air enters the pre-cooler, it enters the centrifugal dewatering filter for the first water-gas separation and then enters the chiller for deep condensing and dehydration. Most of the water is condensed into water, and the air is condensed and dehydrated for the second time. Then, enter the regenerative dry air filter, adsorb the remaining water, and absorb the dehydrated dry air into a 0.01μm high-precision filter to remove the particles and then transport it to the equipment that needs dry gas through the pressure regulator to ensure the transformer. The insulation strength is not reduced by impurities. The dew point detector detects the air dew point and has an alarm when the air fails.

Parameters of YUNENG GF Series Hot Dry Air Generator:

Technical ParameterFlowM³/h50100150200
Working PressureMpa0.6~0.8
Pressure DropMpa0.05
Working PowerKW380V-50Hz   3 Phase 4 Wire
Total PowerKW12192226
After Treatment IndexDischarge PressureMpa0.02~0.03
Dew Point°C-50°C ~ -70°C
Oil content in air outletppm0.01

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

Detailed Images

GF Series Hot Dry Air Generator
GF Series Hot Dry Air Generator