How SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machines Promote Sustainability?

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas, with its exceptional dielectric properties, has established itself as a cornerstone of high-voltage electrical equipment applications. From gas-insulated substations (GIS) to circuit breakers, its insulating strength and arc-quenching capabilities ensure efficient and reliable operation. However, SF6 poses a significant environmental challenge due to its potent greenhouse gas effect. With a global warming potential (GWP) 22,800 times higher than carbon dioxide, managing the life cycle of SF6 has become crucial for mitigating its environmental impact. The SF6 gas reclaiming machine – a technological marvel that champions sustainability by repurposing and reclaiming spent SF6 gas, contributing to a greener future for the electrical industry.

sf6 gas reclaiming machine

What is the SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine?

The SF6 gas reclaiming machine, also known as an SF6 gas recycling or purification machine, stands as a dedicated piece of equipment designed to capture, purify, and ultimately reclaim depleted SF6 gas. This intricate apparatus acts as a guardian of environmental well-being, preventing the release of potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while simultaneously ensuring the continued availability of this critical industrial material.

Why Do We Need to Recycle SF6 Gas?

Three compelling reasons drive the necessity of SF6 gas reclamation:

  • Environmental Protection: As mentioned earlier, SF6 boasts a staggering GWP, making its uncontrolled release a major contributor to climate change. Reclaiming and reusing the gas helps reduce its environmental footprint by minimizing reliance on virgin SF6 production, a process known to generate potent greenhouse gases as well.
  • Economic Feasibility: SF6 is a valuable resource, and reclaiming it presents significant cost-saving opportunities. Purchasing virgin SF6 can be expensive, while reclaimed gas offers a cost-effective alternative for refilling equipment or deploying in new installations. Additionally, efficient gas management through reclamation reduces the risk of penalties associated with non-compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Resource Scarcity: SF6 is a finite resource, and relying solely on its extraction is unsustainable in the long run. Responsible reclamation extends the lifespan of available SF6, mitigating the need for increased production and alleviating potential supply chain constraints in the future.

The Working Principle of the SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine

The basic working principle of the SF6 gas reclaiming machine is to use the refrigeration liquefaction method.

Recovery: During the recovery process, the used SF6 gas with a certain pressure in the SF6 electrical equipment is sucked into the compressor by the compressor using its suction and compression characteristics, and then compressed to a higher pressure. At the same time, the SF6 gas with a higher temperature is cooled to the condensation temperature for liquid storage using the low evaporation temperature characteristic of the R22 refrigerant. In this way, it is continuously pumped to the SF6 compressor running in series until the final recovery pressure is reached.

Charging and discharging: First, use the vacuum pump of the device to vacuum the SF6 electrical equipment (or steel cylinder) and connecting pipes, and then directly use the pressure difference or the suction of the compressor to generate a certain pressure difference between the storage container and the SF6 electrical equipment. Fill the SF6 inside into the SF6 electrical equipment until the required working pressure is reached. When filling the bottle, use the characteristics as mentioned above of the R22 refrigerant to fill the liquefied SF6 into the steel cylinder directly.

After the above recovery, charging, and discharging functions are completed, the purification function is also completed synchronously. Two oil separators are installed in the system, one at each outlet of the compressor, effectively removing oil from the SF6 gas. A drying filter is set in the system loop to ensure the purity of the SF6 entering the storage container, effectively removing moisture. The filter is equipped with a heating regeneration device, which can be heated and regenerated under vacuum, and the molecular sieve can be reused.

Safety protection: The SF6 gas reclaiming system has reliable safety protection devices. A high-pressure pressure controller is installed at the outlet of the SF6 compressor. Once the exhaust pressure exceeds the limit, the compressor will be automatically stopped, and the compressor will be restarted after the pressure drops. A safety valve is installed on the storage container. Once the overpressure safety valve automatically opens to discharge gas, it will automatically close after the pressure drops. In addition, the system has seven monitoring and control instruments, one of which is a vacuum gauge, installed at the recovery air inlet of the device. A DN8 valve is installed in front of the vacuum gauge, which can be opened when observation is required; five pressure gauges are only installed at the recovery air inlet, the outlet of the SF6 compressor, the suction and discharge ports of the refrigeration compressor, and the storage container; a thermometer is set on the refrigeration system, using a temperature ball to sense the temperature of the SF6 liquid.

Vacuum system: The inlet of the vacuum pump in the system is equipped with an electromagnetic vacuum belt charging valve that is connected to the same power supply as the vacuum pump. When the pump stops working, the valve can automatically close the vacuum system and fill the pump chamber with air through the pump inlet. This can prevent pump oil backflow from polluting the vacuum system.

Refrigeration system: The refrigeration system in the system is controlled by high- and low-pressure pressure controllers to adjust the inlet and outlet pressures of the refrigeration compressor. Once it exceeds the limitation range, the refrigeration compressor will be automatically shut down. When the low pressure is disconnected, the pressure rises or the high pressure is disconnected, the compressor will be restarted after the pressure drops.

SF6 Gas Purification Machine

YUNENG: Your Trusted SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine Supplier

In the realm of high-voltage electrical equipment, SF6 gas reigns supreme. Its exceptional dielectric properties ensure efficient and reliable operation, but its potent greenhouse gas effect demands responsible management. YUNENG, is a name synonymous with cutting-edge SF6 gas reclaiming machines and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

For over a decade, YUNENG has carved a niche in the industry by engineering and delivering advanced SF6 gas reclamation solutions. Their comprehensive portfolio caters to diverse needs, encompassing:

  • Mobile SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machines: These versatile units offer on-site gas recovery and purification, empowering utilities, manufacturers, and service providers to handle spent SF6 with utmost efficiency and environmental consciousness.
  • Stationary SF6 Gas Reclaiming Systems: Designed for high-volume processing, these robust systems cater to large-scale facilities, consistently delivering exceptional purity and performance.
  • Customizable Solutions: Recognizing the unique demands of each client, YUNENG excels in tailoring their offerings to specific needs. From bespoke machine configurations to integrated gas handling systems, they provide bespoke solutions that optimize efficiency and environmental impact.

The cornerstone of YUNENG’s success lies in its unwavering focus on technological innovation. Their machines leverage cutting-edge advancements in:

  • Cryogenic Refrigeration Technology: This highly efficient method utilizes R22 or mixed refrigerants to achieve deep chilling, effectively liquefying and purifying the SF6 gas for reuse.
  • Multi-stage Filtration: A meticulously designed filtration system removes contaminants such as moisture, hydrocarbons, and decomposition byproducts, ensuring the highest purity for reclaimed SF6.
  • Advanced Oil Separation: YUNENG’s proprietary oil separation technology effectively removes trace oils from the gas, extending equipment lifespan and minimizing maintenance needs.

But YUNENG’s commitment extends beyond technology. They prioritize operational excellence and user experience:

  • Intuitive Control Systems: Their machines feature user-friendly interfaces and real-time monitoring capabilities, empowering operators with complete control and data-driven insights.
  • Comprehensive Training: YUNENG provides comprehensive training programs for their clients, ensuring safe and efficient operation of their SF6 gas reclaiming machines.
  • Unparalleled Support: Their dedicated team of service professionals offers prompt and reliable support, ensuring optimal uptime and performance for their machines.

By championing environmental responsibility, YUNENG plays a pivotal role in mitigating the climate impact of the electrical industry. Their machines:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: By reclaiming and reusing SF6 gas, YUNENG significantly reduces the need for virgin gas production, a process known to generate potent greenhouse gases.
  • Minimize Environmental Footprint: Their efficient systems minimize waste generation and optimize resource utilization, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.
  • Promote Regulatory Compliance: YUNENG’s solutions enable clients to adhere to increasingly stringent environmental regulations regarding SF6 gas management.
SF6 Gas Handling Equipment

YUNENG stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of technological prowess, operational excellence, and environmental responsibility. Their dedication to providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable SF6 gas reclaiming solutions positions them as a trusted partner in the quest for a greener future for the electrical industry.