How to Select a Suitable Oil Purifier?

The oil purifier is a mechanical device that purifies solid impurities and moisture in the oil and improves its performance of the oil. It is mainly used to improve the insulation performance of dielectric oil and the purity of lubricating oil. Nowadays, there are many kinds of oil purifiers so it is difficult to select a suitable oil purifier. This article introduces several tips for selecting a suitable oil purifier.

Firstly, select the suitable oil purifier by the type of oil to be treated.

1. Lubricating oil

There are many types of lubricating oil, such as hydraulic oil, oil, cutting fluid oil, die-casting oil, concrete equipment oil, and other mechanical lubricating oil used in hydraulic equipment. In the process of use, it is vulnerable to the intrusion of particulate dust in the air, system shedding and wearing dust, metal particles, and moisture. The long-term operation of the oil under high temperatures and water will inevitably lead to part of the oil cracking and metamorphic to precipitate colloidal substances, which will cause the oil to age and deteriorate.

The indicators that need to be achieved after purification are used to select the oil purification, namely ZJC type, YL type. ZJC type can be used for the treatment of lubricating oil with more than 10% water content.

2. Insulating oil

It includes transformer oil and ultra-high transformer oil used in voltage transmission and transformation equipment. When the oil enters the water, air, and impurities, the insulation withstand voltage value will decrease rapidly, and the effect of cooling and insulation cannot be achieved. 

For oil-filled electrical equipment below 110kV, the transformer oil single-stage vacuum oil purifier can be selected, namely YUNENG ZJB Series Transformer Oil Filtration Plant. For oil-filled electrical equipment above 220kV, two-stage vacuum oil purifiers, namely Yuneng ZJA Series Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, can be used for decolorization, and insulating oil regeneration vacuum oil purifiers can be used for regeneration, namely YZS Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine.

ZJB Series Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

3. Turbine oil

When the turbine oil is produced, the mixed fuel oil, carbon particles and moisture will change the original properties of the oil and the turbine oil lose its lubricating effect. You can select a special oil filter for turbine oil, namely JT, DYJC type online oil purifier.

Secondly, select by the filtration requirements of the oil to be treated.

1. Filter impurities

When choosing an oil purifier, if the oil to be treated contains less water and only needs to deal with impurities in the oil, YL type impurity filter oiler can be used, which can perform three-stage precision filtration on solid impurities.

2. Filtration of impurities, dehydration, demulsification of hydraulic oil, and degassing

If you have high requirements for oil treatment, it will require all impurities, moisture, gas and emulsified oil to be disposed of during filtration. When non-fuel oil to be treated needs to be dehydrated, an oil vacuum oil purifier should be used like ZJA/ZJB series transformer oil filtration machine, JT Turbine Oil Vacuum Oil Purifier, ZJC Hydraulic Oil Vacuum Oil Purifier.

ZJA series transformer oil filtration machine is widely used in oil purification treatment and vacuum hot oil circulation drying during installation and maintenance of various large transformer equipment such as power plants, power stations, power companies, substation industries, metallurgy, petrochemicals, mechanical transportation, etc. It is suitable for treating insulating oil.

ZJA series transformer oil filtration machine

Thirdly, select the suitable oil purifier by the capacity of purified oil and the construction period.

The main models of our oil Purifier are ZJA Series Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, ZJB Series Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, 6000LPH High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine, etc. We can also produce customized oil purifiers with a larger flow.

20,000L/h High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier at 500kV Converter Station

Fourthly, select the most suitable varieties and specifications of oil purifiers by factors such as oil use environment.

When the oil purifier is used in mining, chemical, and other environments with special requirements, an explosion-proof oil purifier can be selected. An explosion-proof device can be added to many Yuneng oil purifiers.


Choosing a suitable oil purifier is very important so this article is useful for you. If you want to learn more details about oil purifiers, YUNENG can be the best choice.

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