Vacuum Pumping System

      Vacuum pumping system is widely used in the installation and maintenance of all kinds of large transformers, which can achieve efficient vacuum drying and vacuum pumping. The vacuum pump system has the functions of fast air extraction, low energy consumption, LCD display and flexible movement. The leakage rate of this device is less than 1%. The vacuum system is equipped with anti-oil return device and phase sequence automatic reversing system to prevent vacuum pump reversal.

     Yuneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces many kinds of vacuum pump equipment, such as ZJ Series High Vacuum Pump System,  Double Stage Vacuum Pump System For Transformer Drying, ZJ Series Vacuum Pumping Unit, Transformer Evacuation System for Transformer Maintenance, YUNENG 150m3/h Vacuum Pumping System for Electrical Transformer. It also manufactures YUNENG Two-Stage Transformer Vacuum Pump with Roots Pump, YUNENG 500m3/h Double Stage Transformer Vacuum Evacuation Machine with Vacuum Pump, YUNENG 1000m3/h Transformer Vacuum Extraction Machine with Vacuum Pump and YUNENG 2000m3/h Vacuum Gas Pump Set Device for Transformers.

     VPS vacuum pump unit adopts air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump and roots pump, the working vacuum degree is 50Pa, the maximum working vacuum degree can reach 10Pa, the ultimate vacuum degree is 1-3pa. It has the characteristics of fast start, high pumping speed, stable performance and convenient operation.


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