What is Transformer Oil Dehydration Process & Machine?

Transformer oil dehydration refers to the removal of moisture in new transformer oil or transformer oil that has deteriorated after long-term use. This article will introduce the transformer oil dehydration process and transformer oil dehydration machine.

Why Do You Need Dehydration of Transformer Oil?

In addition to the role of cooling and heat dissipation, the transformer oil can also play the role of arc suppression at the contact point of the tap changer and the high voltage lead to prevent the generation of corona and arc discharge. At the same time, it also plays the role of insulation and insulation maintenance for windings. (keep well insulated).

After the transformer oil is polluted by water during use, the insulation and arc suppression functions of the transformer oil will be affected, and the normal operation of the transformer will also be affected. Therefore, timely transformer oil dehydration is very important.

What is Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration?

Transformer filtration actually involves transformer oil dehydration and transformer oil degassing process. After proper insulating oil filtration, the physical and chemical properties of transformer oil are restored, and it is more economical than directly replacing new oil.

Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

What is the Transformer Oil Dehydration Process?

In the purification process of the transformer oil filtration, dehydration and degassing are completed at the same time. By using the filtration of transformer oil dehydration machine, the quality of transformer oil will not be damaged and affected.

Transformer oil dehydration process is mainly:

1. The air in the vacuum tank is drawn out by the vacuum pump, and the external oil enters the primary filter, and then the larger particles are removed through the primary filter.

2. The oil enters the heating tank, is heated to about 60 degrees, and passes through the automatic oil drift valve.

3. The heated oil enters the vacuum separator.

Using the “cavitation” principle in the vacuum separator, the contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator is expanded to hundreds of times, and the “cavitation” system makes the oil evaporation surface area continuously increase, and the evaporation interface is constantly updated. The stroke of the oil in the vacuum system and the static moisture volatilization area are greatly increased, so that the moisture and gas in the oil volatilize at an extremely fast speed, and then are continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump.

4. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then returns to the original form of water and released.

5. The oil in the vacuum heating tank is discharged into the fine filter by the oil discharge pump, and the particulate impurities are filtered through oil filter paper or filter element.

6. The clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet, and the whole process of clean oil is completed.

What is Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine?

Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

In addition to power transformer insulating oil dehydration, the double stage transformer oil dehydration machine produced by YUNENG can also process old and new transformer oils containing gases, particles, impurities and acidic substances. It can effectively and quickly remove moisture, acidic substances, dissolved gases and particulate matter from insulating oil.

What Are the Advantages of Transformer Oil Dehydration Plant?

1. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled as needed.

2. Can eliminate foam automatically.

3. Adopt overpressure alarm device, when the oil discharge pressure is ≥0.5MPa, it will alarm.

4. The overheating protection device is adopted so that the heater will not be damaged when the oil supply is reduced or interrupted.

5. With a frequency converter, the flow can be adjusted by the frequency converter or oil return valve. There are high oil level, medium oil level automatic control oil level.

YUNENG is a leading manufacturer of oil purifiers in China. With good quality and factory price transformer oil filtration machine, we could offer you the best oil treatment solution. If you need any of our oil dehydration machines, please feel free to contact us any time. We could also tailor the machine according to your need.

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