Why is Hydraulic Fluid Cleanliness So Important?

In daily equipment use, hydraulic systems are always challenged by various pollutants, such as solid particles, free water, dissolved water, and undissolved air.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Quality of Hydraulic Oil?

1. The temperature affects the quality of hydraulic oil

(1) The viscosity of the oil decreases, which destroys the oil film of the active parts and increases the frictional resistance, causing the system to heat up. Decreased oil viscosity can lead to increased leakage and significantly reduced system efficiency;

(2) After the viscosity of the oil drops, its characteristics change when it passes through the throttle, making the piston speed unstable;

(3) Excessive oil temperature causes thermal expansion of the parts, which changes the gap between the kinematic pairs, resulting in malfunction or jamming, and reduces the working performance and accuracy;

(4) When the oil temperature is too high, the oxidation of the oil is intensified and the service life is shortened.

2. Pollution particles

Pollutant particles in oil, metal particles especially copper particles will have a catalytic effect in oil.

In addition to the catalytic effect, the particles with the same size as the oil film thickness have the greatest impact on abrasion, and the greater the particle concentration, the greater the abrasion. Moreover, the instantaneous high temperature generated by friction will carbonize and acidify the oil, and will also increase the hysteresis of the equipment, and increase the malfunction and action delay.

3. Moisture

The mixing of water in the working oil will deteriorate the oil quality in advance, forming a slushy emulsion, corroding the mechanical pipeline, and causing the oil film to break at the bending part, resulting in wear.

What Are the Consequences of Hydraulic Oil Contamination?

According to statistics, 60% to 70% of various failures in the hydraulic system are related to hydraulic oil, and hydraulic oil is very important in the hydraulic system.

When the hydraulic oil is seriously polluted, the particles in the dirt will directly affect the working performance of the hydraulic system, causing frequent failures of the hydraulic system and shortening the life of the hydraulic components.

For hydraulic components, since these solid particles enter the component, the sliding part of the component will be aggravated, and may block the throttle hole and damping hole in the hydraulic component, or cause the spool to be stuck. This can cause the hydraulic system to fail.

The mixing of water and air reduces the lubricating ability of the hydraulic oil and accelerates its oxidation and deterioration, causing cavitation, accelerating the corrosion of hydraulic components, and causing abnormalities in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine Manufactured by YUNENG

hydraulic oil filtration machine

To solve the problem of hydraulic oil pollution, we can use the hydraulic oil purification machine manufactured by YUNENG to filter and purify.

The ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration machine is mainly designed for water ingress, emulsification, particle pollution and other problems of hydraulic oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, etc.

hydraulic oil purification machine

The hydraulic oil purification machine produced by YUNENG above can solve your hydraulic oil pollution problem. In addition, we also have JT series coalescing dehydration oil filter, which can filter out moisture and impurities in oil, and is suitable for light oil with kinematic viscosity less than 46m㎡/s, turbine oil, and lubricating oil. And DYJC series steam turbine oil online purification device, using vacuum separation and coalescence dehydration separation system, it can be adapted to the dehydration treatment of oil products with high water content below 2%, serious emulsification, and deep dehydration.

As an oil purifiers production expert, you can contact us if you need transformer oil filtration machine, lubricating oil filtration machine, etc. We also accept customization of oil filter unit parts according to specific projects.