YNHYG-A Series IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester

IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester is a full self-reacting device, which is developed according to the requirements in International IEC-156 and International GB507-86 “Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Mensuration”, combining the feedback opinions of all users. The instrument adopts single chip as the leading part, and uses the method of “first setting and then testing”. The whole process is controlled by automatic microcomputer. It is operated simply and used conveniently.

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Features of YNHYG-A Series IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester:

  1. Automatic detection.
  2. Tiny TPU-A panel printer is adopted for automatic printing out.
  3. Testing times, stirring and stationary time is adjustable. Sound control and light control remind of continuous print and nonprint.
  4. Adopts full automatic magnon.


Power supplyAC 200V-240V 、50HZ ±5%
Testing rangeAC 0-80KV
Rating current10.5mA
Speed of the voltage regulation2.5KV/S±10%
Presetting optionsTesting counts: 1-9
Time of stirring: 0 sec to 1:39 sec.
Time of Stillness: 0 sec to 10:39 sec.
Operation temperature0℃-35℃
Relative humidity≤75%
Oil cup space2.5mm (diameter of the oil cup’s clearance gauge )

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

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Detailed Images

Transformer Oil BDV Tester
Transformer Oil BDV Tester