Dry Air Generator

      Dry air generator is suitable for transformer, reactor and other large power equipment in power system. It is also suitable for air drying and circulating drying in warehouse, packaging, electronics and other industries. At the same time, it is especially suitable for the drying of hydrogen in the hydrogen cooling system of generator set and the drying of SF6 gas in SF6 equipment.

      The dry air generators produced by Chongqing Yuneng have the advantages of high quality and low price. The Products include GF Dry Air Generator for Transformer Maintenance, GF Series Dry Air Generator, YUNENG Transformer Dry Air Generator and YUNENG GF Series Transformer Dry Air Generating Machine.

      The dry air generator for electrical equipment maintenance, can not be affected by the change of external climate conditions. In particular, overnight operation, just seals the flange everywhere, filled with dry air 0.02-0.03mpa, do not need to oil transformer reactor will not be affected by moisture. Reduce the workload of pumping and filling oil every day to shorten the maintenance period and improve the quality of maintenance. In the process of oil filtration, the oil filling equipment box and oil can be inflated and dried. When oil is filtered in the rainy and humid environment, it can ensure the improvement of oil insulation and the reduction of water content. It can be used as site indoor air conditioning when idle.

      After the atmosphere enters the sub-zero refrigerator, most of the water vapor is condensed into ice water, and the air is dried for the first time. Then enter the dry air filter, and conduct the second drying through the color-changing silica gel to absorb the remaining water and air, and then transfer the remaining water and air to the equipment that needs to dry the air after filtration. When the discolored silica gel is saturated with water absorption, its silica gel CoCl2 changes from blue to red, indicating that the silica gel has been saturated with water absorption, so it needs to be replaced with dried blue silica gel to ensure the dry state of air.


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