GF-200 Series Compressed Air Generator for Transformer Drying

YUNENG GF-200 series compressed air generator for transformer drying is developed by Chongqing Yuneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing co., Ltd. comprehensively utilized the advantages of the jucai, uncial, coalescing oil-water separators, super accuracy filtering so as to economically and optimally operate and produce drying air with high quality and low dew point through a scientific combination of the cooling, adsorption and purification, reasonable pipe connection and capacity collocation.

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Features of Air Generator for Transformer: 

  1. Since the GF series dry air generator in 1997, the GF series dry air compressor developed by Chongqing Yunneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has comprehensively used Jucai, not strong, coalesced oil-water separator, super Precision filtration, and other advantages. Through the scientific combination of cooling, adsorption and purification, reasonable pipe connection, and capacity configuration, it is economical and optimal to operate and produce high quality, low dew-point dry air.
  2. GF-200 series transformer dry air generators make full use of the advantages of the cold dryer, suction dryer, coalescence oil-water separation, ultra-fine filtration, freezing, adsorption, and dust removal. Through a combination of reasonable pipe connections and capacity matching, the optimal economical operation can be achieved, resulting in high quality, low dew-point dry air. And integrated design, PLC automatic control, automatic detection of various operating parameters, compact and reasonable structure, good drying effect, low regeneration gas consumption, long service life, a high usage rate of composite desiccant, and service life of more than three times. Microcomputer program control, high efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable.
  3. High-pressure oil-free compressor, low-temperature coagulation technology, cyclone coalescence dehydration, regenerative adsorption dehydration technology, high-precision coalescing degreasing filter, 0.01μm precision filter to ensure air cleanliness, easy to operate, Save energy, safety, and reliability.

Advantages of Air Generator for Transformer:

  1. It can check automatically by using the PLC system. It is compact in structure, low in gas consumption and long in using life.
  2. Its dryer can be used three times longer than the normal one.
  3. The equipment is high efficiency, saving energy and good safety because of adopting microcomputer program controlling.

Parameters of Air Generator for Transformer:

Technical ParameterFlowM³/h50100150200
Working PressureMpa0.6~0.8
Pressure DropMpa0.05
Working PowerKW380V-50Hz   3 Phase 4 Wire
Total PowerKW12192226
After Treatment IndexDischarge PressureMpa0.02~0.03
Dew Point°C-50°C ~ -70°C
Oil content in air outletppm0.01

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

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GF-200 Series Compressed Air Generator for Transformer Drying
GF-200 Series Compressed Air Generator for Transformer Drying