Transformer Dry Air Equipment

The GF series transformer dry air equipment mainly consists of a gas source system, a gas compression system, a freeze-drying system, an adsorption drying system, and an electric control system. The mobile high-purity dry air generating device is composed of five parts.

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What is Transformer Dry Air Equipment:

The transformer dry air equipment generally consists of a gas resource system, a freeze-drying out system, a gas compression system, an adsorption drying system, and also an electrical control system.

Air source system composition: It consists of an air dust filter, oil-free air pump (or screw-type oil-free air compressor), radiator (air-cooled), gas-water separator and filter, and outputs clean and oil-free gas. Freeze-drying system composition: This device mainly adopts an imported fully enclosed high-temperature compression refrigeration unit, which has stable and reliable performance and can obtain more cooling capacity. The system configuration adopts an imported fully enclosed compressor unit, air heat exchanger, evaporator, gas-water separator, and fine filter. The refrigeration process R22 refrigerant is firstly composed of a fully enclosed high-temperature compression refrigeration compressor, cooler, desiccant, and electromagnetic. The valve is returned to the refrigeration compressor through the evaporator, and a low-temperature environment of 0-5C is obtained inside the evaporator.
Electrical control: The main control electrical part adopts Schneider Electric: the electrical performance of the whole machine is stable, safe, and reliable.

Features of Transformer Dry Air Equipment:

  1. In the power system, GF series dry air generators can play their unique advantages in large transformers and reactors.
  2. During the overhaul of the transformer, the internal insulation can be ensured to avoid moisture.
  3. It can not be affected by external climate change and can run overnight. Users only need to click on the equipment filled with appropriate dry air to avoid the traditional transformer oil thermal cycle drying method.
  4. At the same time, it can guarantee to increase the high electrical insulating materials’ Kerogen insulation performance and reduce the moisture content.
  5. It can ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

Applications of Transformer Drying Equipment:

YUNENG transformer drying equipment is extensive use in many industries, such as electric power, metallurgy, electron, foodstuff, chemical industry, petroleum, healing drugs, tobacco, instrumentation, automation control, etc. YUNENG also produces oil filtration equipment, oil tester, etc. If you need it, please contact us.


Technical ParameterFlowM³/h50100150200
Working PressureMpa0.6~0.8
Pressure DropMpa0.05
Working PowerKW380V-50Hz   3 Phase 4 Wire
Total PowerKW12192226
After Treatment IndexDischarge PressureMpa0.02~0.03
Dew Point°C-50°C ~ -70°C
Oil content in air outletppm0.01

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

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Transformer Dry Air Equipment
Transformer Dry Air Equipment