ZJC Series Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration machine is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, oil field, chemical, mining, electric power, transportation, manufacturing and other industries. It is used for waste hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, diesel engine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, etc. It can quickly dehydrate the water, remove gas and mechanical impurities in the oil, remove the light acid and hydrocarbons by flashing, improve the quality of the oil and restore the performance of hydraulic oil lube oil.

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What is hydraulic oil filtration machine?

ZJC series hydraulic oil filter machine is mainly designed to purify various industrial waste oils with the viscosity less than 320 mm2/s, such as turbine oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil and refrigeration oil, etc. which contaminated by water infiltration, emulsification and mechanical particles during processing, transportation and application. It would be ideal choice for plant maintenance service for energy saving and cost reduction.

As a hydraulic oil filtration machine manufacturer, YUNENG has a professional technical team, including 14 R&D engineers, 9 after-sales service engineers, and professional maintenance and troubleshooting engineers who can go abroad for installation and debugging.

In addition to hydraulic oil purifiers, YUNENG also provides turbine oil purifierlube oil purification machine and other oil filters.

Features of Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Machine:

  1. Suitable for voltage grade ≤320 mm2/s industrial oil.
  2. Compact in structure, simple in operation.
  3. Convenient in maintenance, low cost.

How hydraulic oil filtration is done?:

  1. When the ZJC series hydraulic oil filtration unit works, the oil to be filtered enters the electric heater under the action of the external atmospheric pressure and the suction vacuum of the oil filter in the vacuum pump. The heated oil passes through the strong magnetic filter, and the metal particles and large particle impurities are filtered.
  2. In addition, the oil-containing fine impurities enter the second and third stage filters, and is filtered again to remove the impurity oil into the three-dimensional vacuum flash tower. Under the action of the spray device, the oil is dispersed into a mist and sprayed.
  3. On the three-dimensional flashing pall ring, a very thin oil film (thickness of 0.025mm) is formed, and the oil film curve moves downward, resulting in a large aeration area and aeration time retention process, thereby performing full demulsification, separation process of dehydration and degassing. 
  4. The mixed gas formed by vaporized water vapor, light hydrocarbon or the like enters the water gas separation device, the strong air condensation system, and the vacuum buffer chamber, and rapidly cools the water vapor, the light hydrocarbon, etc., and the condensable gas and the water vapor condense into the water is discharged through the drain. The non-condensable gas is discharged through a vacuum pump. The oil that removes moisture, gas and mechanical impurities enters the precision filter through the oil pump, and the particulate impurities in the oil are filtered to purify the clean oil to complete the entire oil purification process.

Parameters of the Hydraulic Oil Purifier:

ItemParameterType UnitZJC1.8KY ZJC3KY ZJC6KYZJC9KY ZJC12KY
Technical parameterFlow rateL/Min3050100150200
Working VacuityMpa-0.07~-0.09
Working pressureMpa≤0.5
Temperature Range40-60
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire
Total PowerKW13.5336597127
Inlet/Outlet Diametermm25/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
Oil treatment indexWater Contentppm≤50
Filtration accuracyµm3
Impurities None ( Visual appearance)

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations

Why do we need hydraulic oil purifier?

In the process of using construction machinery and equipment, hydraulic systems are generally used to control and manage the equipment, so the quality of hydraulic oil is very important. Under normal circumstances, the hydraulic system should be subjected to a load test before the process of equipment control, which will contaminate the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system during use. If the hydraulic oil is polluted during use, it will adversely affect the normal operation of the entire construction machinery and equipment.

In order to solve the pollution problem of hydraulic oil, we can use hydraulic oil filtration machines to filter and purify hydraulic oil.

Sources of Hydraulic Oil Contamination

There are many reasons for oil pollution during the operation of the hydraulic system of construction machinery and equipment. It can be mainly divided into three aspects:

1. Internal generation

During the operation of mechanical equipment, the hydraulic system generates heat due to the influence of pressure, which greatly increases the temperature in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic fluids oxidize when heated, producing organic substances that corrode the metal components of machinery. In the process of long-term oxidation and wear, the performance of construction machinery and equipment will be greatly reduced.

2. System Residues

Hydraulic oil has good water absorption in the process of practical application. If the hydraulic system is in normal operation, the moisture in the air enters the hydraulic system, and after the construction machinery and equipment stop working, the temperature in the hydraulic system will drop, which will lead to the fusion of water molecules and hydraulic oil. This will have a certain impact on the quality of the hydraulic oil.

3. The outside world enters

During the processing and assembly of construction machinery components, it is also easy to mix some external impurities into the hydraulic system, which reduces the performance of hydraulic oil in all aspects.

Detailed Images of the Hydraulic Oil Recycling Machine

Hydraulic Oil & Lube Oil Purifier
Hydraulic Oil & Lube Oil Purifier