An Analysis of Transformer Oil Filter Machine

The transformer oil filter machine is a piece of mechanical equipment that filters solid impurities and moisture in oil, improves oil quality performance, and improves the insulation strength of transformer oil. It is mainly used to purify and treat unqualified electrical insulating oil, which applies to power plants, power stations, power companies, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, and other industrial and mining enterprises. This article will focus on an analysis of the transformer oil filter machine.

Classification of transformer oil filter machine

Transformer oil filter machines are mainly divided into two types: ordinary single-stage oil purifiers and double-stage vacuum oil purifiers. The transformer oil filter machine can quickly remove the harmful components in the oil such as moisture, gas, and impurities in the transformer oil, improve the lubricating performance of the transformer oil, and reduce the rust or corrosion of the oil-using equipment due to excessive moisture or impurity content of the transformer oil. It also can prolong the service life of oil-using equipment.

Features of transformer oil filter machine

Features of ordinary single-stage oil purifiers

1. Three-dimensional flash evaporation, high-efficiency dehydration, and degassing;

2. Impurity removal technology combined with mesh filtration and polymer adsorption;

3. Automatic control of infrared liquid level;

4. Three-in-one interlocking and protection device;

5. This machine can be used independently or with an oil regeneration system.

6. The machine can be used for vacuum oiling and vacuum drying of insulated electrical equipment such as transformers.

7. It can randomly check the withstand voltage value and automatically print the inspection results (usually purchase options).

8. It can be used together with transformer oil regeneration and decolorization device to increase the functions of acid removal, decolorization, free carbon removal, and dielectric loss reduction.

9. It also has the functions of vacuum oil injection and live online operation.

Features of double-stage vacuum oil purifiers

1. It is mainly used for large-scale transmission and transformation voltage equipment above 110kV.

2. It is used for rapid and advanced treatment of insulating oils such as new oil and imported oil.

3. It is also used for vacuum filtration and purification of more expensive oils.

4. The indicators of this product are much higher than the national standards. 5. Compared with the single-stage oil purifier, its dehydration, degassing, and impurity removal (mechanical impurities and free carbon) are faster and more thorough.

5. The breakdown voltage of one filtration can be increased by 35kV.

Who can supply the above transformer oil filter machine?

Yuneng is a manufacturer of transformer oil filter machines in Chongqing. Our transformer oil filter machine series include ZJB series transformer oil filtration plant and a 6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine. The series is to improve the performance of transformer oil in 110kV to 1000kV projects. They can quickly remove trace amounts of water, gas, particulate matter, etc. in transformer oil. Thereby, it can improve the performance of the transformer with the insulation system.

ZJB series transformer oil filtration plant

ZJB series transformer oil filtration plant is a single-stage oil purifier. It is widely used in the power industry and large industrial and mining enterprises to purify insulating oil of power transmission and transformation equipment below 220kV, and can also be used for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil purification. It can efficiently remove moisture, gas, and impurity particles in the oil, improve dielectric strength and oil quality, ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment, and specifically for electrical equipment hot oil circulation drying, vacuum oil injection, vacuum pumping, and other functions.

ZJB series transformer oil filtration plant

6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine

It is suitable for the purification of insulating oil for power transmission and transformation equipment above 110/220/500kV to remove its moisture, gas, and mechanical impurities. Thereby, it improves the compressive strength and oil quality of the insulating oil and ensures the safe operation of high-voltage electrical equipment. The treated oil meets the national standard and it is a commonly used oil filtration equipment in the power industry.

6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine

Why choose YUNENG for the transformer oil filter machine?

YUNENG can be your best choice because the following reason:

1. YUNENG can supply many kinds of transformer oil filter machines so that you can find suitable transformer oil filter machines without spending much time.

2. YUNENG can support the customization of transformer oil filter machines.

3. All transformer oil filter machine is precision machined.

4. All transformer oil filter machine is easy to use.

5. YUNENG can match the corresponding supporting equipment according to the product, and provide training for equipment operators.

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