Can Waste Oil Be Recycled, How to Recycle Waste Oil?

Waste oil refers to oil purified or synthesized from crude oil, and then contaminated by physical or chemical impurities after use.

Usually, during use, impurities such as water, dust, metal shavings, or other chemicals may mix with the oil. Oils that have been used as lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, turbine oil, compressor oil, heat transfer fluids, and other similar purposes can be considered waste oils.

What Are the Hazards of Waste Oil?

1. If the waste oil is directly discharged into the river, it will pollute the water body in a large area. Contaminated waters are covered with oil films, the oxygen levels in the water drop significantly and new toxic substances are created. Contamination of water by waste oil can hinder plant growth and poison aquatic life.

2. If waste oil is discarded on land, it will penetrate into the soil. Part of it is decomposed by microorganisms, and the other part enters the river after being washed by rainwater, causing double pollution to the soil and water system.

3. Waste oil contains a lot of harmful substances, including carcinogenic and ultrafine particles of various heavy metals. The burning of waste oil will produce a large number of harmful substances, which may endanger human beings through various channels.

Can Waste Oil be Recycled?

According to the above, waste oil cannot be discharged directly, so waste oil can and needs to be specially recycled.

How is Waste Oil Recycled and Where to Recycle Waste Oil?

We can use waste oil recycling machine to recycle or regenerate waste oil.

Waste oil recycling machine

An introduction to waste oil recycling machine.

The waste oil recycling machine is the latest oil processing equipment jointly developed by YUNENG and Chongqing University. It is widely used in the purification and regeneration of various types of used lubricaion oil, turbine oil for steam turbine generator, used compressor oil etc.

What is the Role of a Waste Oil Recycling Plant?

1. The waste oil recycling plant adopts an advanced oil treatment process, which can effectively remove carbon ions, mechanical impurities, deep oxides, and other fine impurities dispersed in waste oil, and can also remove colloidal substances in waste oil.

2. It can restore the color of oil to its clean color.

3. It can restore various performance indicators of waste oil making it a qualified clean oil.

4. The waste oil recycling plant has a high recovery rate, low processing costs such as energy consumption, and good oil quality after processing.

What is the Waste Oil Recycling Process?

1. The combination of physical and chemical treatment technology can eliminate the charge between polar particles in the waste oil so that they can be aggregated into large particles and precipitated.

2. The international leading filtration technology with small volume and large filtration area can quickly remove all impurities (colloid, asphaltene, suspended solids, and various compounds, etc.) in the oil, thereby restoring the color and index of the oil.

3. The vacuum degassing and dehydration technology is adopted to quickly remove harmful gases and moisture in the oil to achieve the purpose of oil purification.

4. Adopt advanced waste gas treatment technology to ensure that the environment is not polluted.

5. The electrical control system adopts the interlocking control setting, which is easy to use, safe and reliable.

6. The automatic feeding machine is used for feeding, and the labor intensity is small.

7. The equipment has a novel structure, a reasonable layout, and a small footprint.

8. The processing effect is obvious and intuitive, and the processing cost is low.

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