KYJ Series EHC Fire Resistance Oil Filtration Machine

      KYJ series EHC fire resistance oil filtration machine is designed for power plants, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises substation, run-in oil storage room, tractor station, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other units. It is mainly used for transformer oil, steam turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lube oil and other oils.

      This machine is designed for purifying the unqualified phosphate ester fire-resistant oil by Yuneng Oil Purifier. This machine can treat and regenerate the degenerative fire-resistant oil, removing acid, pigment, gas, water and particles. It uses the special metal materials which are compatible with fire-resistant oil, combined with technologies of vacuum dewatering, multi-stage filtration system and new adsorbent to ensure treated oil achieve new fire-resistant oil properties. The equipment is the necessary purifying equipment for the sectors which use fire-resistant oil, it can be online working and oil-filling.

      The plate and frame oil tanker consist of components such as the source bed, the oil pump and the filter. The heat water and the filter frame are lined with a paper as a filter medium. The cloth is fixed by the pressure of the pressing device to form a separate filter chamber. The filter paper that is pressed between the filter plate and the wave frame can filter the oil.


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