Sf6 Gas Recovery Equipment and SF6 Gas Evacuation and Refilling Unit

What is the Role of SF6 Gas?

1. Due to its excellent dielectric properties, the SF6 gas can insulate switchgear, circuit breakers, and disconnectors by extinguishing dangerous arcs. It can be used to achieve voltage electrical insulation, current interruption, and arc extinguishing in power transmission and distribution.

2. SF6 pressurized gas is used as an insulator in gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) because it has a much higher dielectric strength than air or dry nitrogen.

3. Electronic-grade high-purity sulfur hexafluoride is an ideal electronic etchant and is widely used in the field of microelectronics technology. It is used as a plasma etching and cleaning agent in the manufacture of large-scale integrated circuits such as LCD screens and computer chips.

4. It is used as a fluorine source in the production of fluorine-doped glass in the preparation of optical fibers, and as a dopant in the isolation layer in the manufacture of low-loss and high-quality single-mode optical fibers.

5. Sulfur hexafluoride can also be used as a tracer for the determination of air pollution, and the tracer distance can reach 100km.

6. Sulfur hexafluoride has good chemical stability and does not corrode equipment, and can be used as a refrigerant in the refrigeration industry (operating temperature between -45-0℃). As a refrigerant, it can replace Freon, has no damaging effect on the ozone layer, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and performance. It is a refrigerant with the potential for development.

Why Do We Have to Do SF6 Gas Recovery?

1. The price of SF6 is high.

2. SF6 is a major greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential.

3. When SF6 gas contains moisture, it will cause the following hazards to electrical equipment:

(1) In the presence of moisture, the SF6 decomposition product undergoes a hydrolysis reaction, which hinders the recombination of the SF6 decomposition product, reduces the recovery strength of the SF6 medium, and thus reduces the insulation properties of the equipment.

(2) Condensation may occur in the equipment. Since the moisture in the gas exists in the form of water vapor, when the temperature drops, it may condense inside the equipment and adhere to the surface of the equipment, easily causing surface discharge and causing accidents.

4. Leaks in gas-insulated equipment mean less gas to protect it from arcing. The result is signal loss, short circuits, malfunctions, and ultimately equipment failures that compromise safety and operations.

5. The decomposition products of sulfur hexafluoride gas under the action of electric arcs, such as sulfur fluoride, sulfur difluoride, sulfur tetrafluoride, etc., all have strong corrosiveness and toxicity.

sf6 gas recovery equipment

Due to the above hazards and deficiencies of SF6 gas, it is necessary to carry out sf6 gas recovery and purification.

What is SF6 Gas Recovery Equipment (sf6 Gas Recovery Unit)?

sf6 gas refilling device

The sf6 gas recovery equipment produced by YUNENG is actually the sf6 gas evacuation and refilling unit. The machine is capable of sf6 gas recycling and sf6 gas refilling and is mainly used in various industrial sectors such as the use, operation, scientific research, and manufacturers of SF6 gas-insulated electrical equipment.

What is the Function of SF6 Gas Recovery Equipment?

sf6 gas filling device

1. Vacuum and measure the sf6 gas recovery equipment itself, the SF6 switch, and GIS.

2. Evacuate the liquefaction tank and measure the vacuum.

3. At the same time, it is also used as an sf6 gas refilling device, which can perform sf6 gas filling for the SF6 switch.

4. Perform sf6 gas recycling on electrical equipment. Dry and purify the recovered and to-be-recharged SF6 gas, including water treatment and oil treatment.

5. Compress and liquefy SF6 gas in SF6 electrical appliances for storage.

What Are the Characteristics of SF6 Gas Filling Equipment?

sf6 gas evacuation and refilling unit

1. The sf6 gas filling device has an advanced design, reasonable structure, complete functions, and simple operation.

2. The compression system of this sf6 gas filling equipment adopts SF6 special closed compressor, without leakage.

3. The vacuum pumping system adopts a rotary vane vacuum pump, with an automatic oil-return prevention device.

4. The purification system adopts an imported high-efficiency filter. The filter drier adopts electric heating and built-in high-efficiency adsorbent, which has a more significant purification effect and does not need to replace the adsorbent frequently.

5. The three-phase power supply of the electrical system of the device is automatically confirmed, and the phase failure is automatically protected.

6. The device control system adopts the latest technology SF6 special valve.

7. The storage system can be configured with liquid storage tanks according to the specific requirements of users.

8. The sf6 gas filling equipment is mobile.

YUNENG can produce QTHS sf6 gas evacuation and refilling unit to solve sf6 gas recycling and sf6 gas filling related problems for you. In addition, YUNENG also manufacture transformer oil purifiers, vacuum pumping units, dry air generator and so on.

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