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This article mainly discusses the importance of transformer oil filtration, the function of transformer oil and the functions of several common transformer oil filters, how to package and transport transformer oil filters, and how to operate transformer oil filters.

Importance of Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer oil should be a kind of pure and stable light yellow transparent liquid with good insulation, good cooling, low viscosity, transparent appearance, no suspended matter, sediment, and other mechanical impurities.

The Main Function of Transformer Oil:

1. Insulation

The transformer oil can fill the air gaps between the components in the oil tank in the flow, which can effectively prevent the components from getting wet, thereby preventing the components from being damp and reducing the dielectric strength. After the oil tank is filled with oil, the insulation strength of the transformer can be improved, and the metal can be protected against corrosion so that the transformer can be kept in good condition.

2. Cooling

Transformer oil can absorb the heat generated by the winding and iron core during operation, so the transformer oil can play the role of cooling.

Therefore, transformer oil is the main insulating and cooling medium for oil-immersed transformers. The chemical composition and electrical strength of transformer oil can affect the performance of the transformer.

During the operation of the transformer, under the action of heat and electric field, the transformer oil is gradually oxidized in contact with oxygen to form various oxides, alcohols, acids, etc., forming insoluble colloids and sludge and then precipitation. These acidic substances will reduce the insulation performance of the transformer.

If transformer oil deteriorates over time, it contains a small amount of moisture or impurities, which will reduce its dielectric strength. Therefore, transformer oil filtration and treatment are very important.

Through the filtering process of the transformer oil, the cooling and insulation of the insulating oil (transformer oil) and the effect of eliminating the are generated when the circuit is cut off can be restored.

Transformer Oil Purifier Buying Guide includes:

This buying guide contains the following 6 sections.

What is a Transformer Oil Filtration Machine?

A transformer oil purifier is a machine that filters, purifies, restores, or improves the properties of the oil itself. These properties include oil cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, dielectric strength, color, etc.

The oil purifier looks like this: (This picture shows a YUNENG transformer oil purifier)

Transformer oil filtcation machine
Transformer oil filtcation machine

Function of YUNENG Transformer Oil Purifier

There are different models of transformer oil purifiers, including YZS series vacuum oil purifiers, ZJA series double stage vacuum oil purifiers, ZJA series ultra-high voltage oil treatment equipment, and ZJB series high-efficiency vacuum oil purifiers, JZ series on-load tap changer oil purifiers, etc.

Among them, the YZS series vacuum oil filtration machine can quickly filter and remove trace moisture, gas, and mechanical impurities in the transformer oil, so that the filtered oil reaches or is close to the standard of new oil. It can also run online with other series of products to treat aging oil, which can effectively reduce the acid value and improve the color.

ZJA series double stage vacuum oil purifiers are mainly used for purification and filtration of transformer oil below 500KV. According to the specific needs, you can choose a fixed closed type or a trailer mobile type.

ZJA series ultra-high voltage oil treatment machine is mainly used for transformer oil filtration treatment in UHV power transmission projects. It has a strong ability to filter particulate impurities, oil-water separation, and vacuum degassing.

JZ on-load tap changer oil purifiers are mainly used for bypass circulation filtration of transformer high voltage switches when the main system is in normal operation. It can effectively absorb and filter moisture and fine mechanical particles in transformer oil and improve the cleanliness and dielectric strength of oil products.

Where is the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Generally Used?

Transformer oil filtration machines are widely used in substations, power plants, railway departments, metallurgical fields, and other industries.

Benefits of a YUNENG Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

1. Improve the physical and chemical quality of transformer oil, improve the cooling and insulation performance of transformer oil

2. Reduce the fault frequency of the transformer and prolong the service life of the transformer

3. Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service, competitive price

4. Customize high-quality machines to your specific requirements

How to Pack and Transport the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine?

During the packaging and transportation of transformer oil purifiers, these oil filter equipments are packed in iron or wooden boxes, and then shipped by sea or air.

How to Install and Operate the Transformer Oil Purifier?

We will provide free training on machine operation and installation process.

Simple steps for automatic machine as below:

1. Place the oil filter unit on a level surface.

2. Properly connect the inlet and outlet of the oil tubing and test tubing as required.

3. Connect all power cords.

4. Turn the “Manual/Auto” knob to the “Auto” setting, then press the “Start” button, and the machine will work automatically. When you want to stop working, after pressing the “stop” button, the equipment will stop working under the control of the programmable logic controller PLC.

If you would like to know more about machine operation and installation, please contact us.

About Yuneng Oil Purifier

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